TyranoBuilder Announced – Easy Visual Novel Creation for Multiplatform!

We’re super pumped for Steins;Gate, so it’s no surprise we’re big fans of visual novels in general. That’s why Nyu Media and STRIKEWORKS’ latest project is something we find particularly exciting. It’s called TyranoBuilder, and is a super simple and easy way to make your own multi-platform visual novels without programming knowledge being required.




They say that everyone has a novel in them, so the same should be true for a visual novel (so says the trailer), but there’s always been that mild technical gap that prevents it from being easy for everyone. There are some tools out there, but never before has it looked like there’s something as intuitive and user friendly as TyranoBuilder’s system. Take a look at the trailer:



★ The EASIEST, FASTEST way to create multi-platform visual novels!
★ Features an intuitive, visual, drag-and-drop interface!
★ Export games for Windows, MacOS, HTML5, CSS3, iOS, and Android*!
★ In-built scripting available for advanced users with TyranoScript!

With this release, we’re hoping not only to boost the popularity of visual novels outside of Japan, but also to create a new generation of game developers: TyranoBuilder opens up to game creation and game-based storytelling to people who find tools like GameMaker Studio, Unity, script-based visual novel engines, etc. too difficult to use or too time-consuming to learn.



The game will launch on Steam on March 27th, for a one-time fee of $14.99, with no licencing fees or royalties being required to use it to make games! A pretty sweet deal. We definitely can’t wait to get hands on with and mess around.




Check it out on Steam here.

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