Uh-Oh, Omega Labyrinth Z Refused UK Classification, Confirmed By PQube

You read that right, Omega Labyrinth Z has been banned in the UK — or at least, has been refused classification in the UK, as the VSC have refused classification. With the type of content in the game, it’s not surprising it’s already been refused German classification with USK. But reacting like this doesn’t happen all that often at all in the UK.


When asked, PQube confirmed that this was the case: “we can confirm that Omega Labyrinth Z has been refused classification in the UK. While we are disappointed in the decision we of course respect the laws of any territory that we operate in.”



Rumours of the ban began to circulate after retailers listing the UK version began to take them down. But now we can officially confirm this is the case.



Without a rating, it cannot be sold in the UK either physically or digitally via PSN. The VSC covers the UK and Ireland specifically. PEGI covers most of Europe and rated it an 18, but without VSC, nothing can be done for it in the UK. It is doubtful PSN would consider an unapproved PEGI rating by the VSC as classification for a digital release.


Essentially, the VSC “confirm” PEGI’s rating for application in the UK. In this case, they denied the rating for Omega Labyrinth Z within the UK.



How will that affect our upcoming listings for Omega Labyrinth Z? We will still be able to stock the US version for US customers, and a European version for European customers — but we will not be able to sell to the UK. It’s a bit of a weird situation!


Omega Labyrinth Z is due to released wherever it can be released in Spring 2018! It’ll be coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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