Ultimax Rice Digital Showdown: Winner Revealed

It was a difficult battle between two excellent fighters, but a winner had to be decided in the end. The battlefield was Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Our two gladiators, PoshAlligator and Parallel fought one another blindfolded, as it was the only way to make our viewers feel comfortable with their own level of gameplay. Watch our video to see who won!



We asked you to tell us who you thought would win to be in with a chance of winning a Persona prize! And tell us you did.


The victor of that particular bout of fan support was Paul McCambridge. If he could please message us on Facebook we can arrange delivery of this lovely prize:




That’s right, Chie herself. Along with the Chie figure he will also receive a Junes coaster, a Chie’s Badge Set, and a Double Teddie Keyring!


Thanks a lot to everyone who bet on a winner. Hopefully we can do more things like this in the future. Feel free to comment and tell us what the rematch should be!



You can get your mitts on the Chie’s Badge Set and Double Teddie Keyring yourself when you order Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth with us right here. It comes out on Friday!


We’ve still got some Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Fan Editions in stock too, which come with a set of limited edition tarot cards, and our Rice Digital exclusive Junes t-shirt. You can get it here!




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