Urobura KO Act is possibly the best fighting game ever made

I don’t often post on Rice Digital because I’m too busy with TOP SECRET STUFF – but when I do, it’s to post about The Best Fighting Game Ever. It’s called Urobura KO Act and it’s all kinds of awesome. So awesome I’m officially stating that Urobura KO Act is the Best Fighting Game Ever.


This is Urobura KO Act here;



Look at it! Look at how Best Fighting Game Ever it is!


Urobura KO Act


That’s pretty much it from me other than to say ‘Please buy BlazBlue on Friday‘ – preferably the Chibi Heroes Edition, so I can get all the Jubei plushies out of my garage.


Bye! (oh yeah, and thanks @frostybolty for showing me Urobura KO Act in the first place)

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