Valkyria Chronicles 4 10th Anniversary Memorial Pack Contents Announced (for Japan)

 Valkyria Chronicles 4 10th Anniversary Memorial Pack Contents Announced (for Japan)

Alongside the announcement of the long requested Valkryia Chronicles 4, Sega also announced that there’d be a 10th Anniversary Memorial Pack version to buy (in Japan at least). Sega have now revealed what will be inside the pack, and it’s sure to delight long-time fans of the series.



Currently only confirmed for Japan, the 10th Anniversary Memorial Pack will retail at just over 14,000 yen — so around £90. Though Amazon JP has the price slashed to more like £75 (though if you imported you’d have to pay big on shipping, of course).


The pack comes with a DLC mission that sees you teaming up with Welkin Gunther and 7th Platoon on a special mission; a 10th Anniversary Illustration book at B5 size and 76 pages, containing designs from across the series; and a series-wide memorial soundtrack with 25 tracks — 6 from each of the preceding games, and 7 from Valkyria Chronicles 4 (tracklist here). Of course, it comes with a copy of the game on PlayStation 4, too.



Importing this may end up quite expensive for what it is, so fingers crossed we get some sort of equivalent in the west. It’s really great to see the package celebrate the entire history of the Valkyria Chronicles series. The games have a very dedicated fanbase, despite the difficulties they’ve had to work through over the years such as the second game being PSP exclusive, and the 3rd game never coming west. Fans deserve the loving treatment this provides.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 will release in Japan at some point in Summer 2018, with an English version also confirmed. Despite coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the Memorial Pack has only been announced for PS4 so far. In addition, the western release will add Xbox One as a format.

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