Valkyrie Drive Banned in Germany & Australia

 Valkyrie Drive Banned in Germany & Australia

Following on from the recent news that Criminal Girls 2 was refused classification by the USK and that Gal*Gun Double Peace was pulled from Australian retailer EB Games’ shelves we’ve now heard that Valkyrie Drive has been banned in Germany & Australia.


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Both Germany’s USK and Australia’s OFLC have refused to give Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni an age rating, effectively banning it from being able to be sold in either country. We previously wrote about the various age ratings for Gal*Gun Double Peace, which included those by the USK and OFLC.


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PQube have told us that the OFLC did not elaborate on their decision to refuse Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni classification. USK however did provide some information, most of which mimicked the decision they made with Criminal Girls 2 — both of which were likely submitted to the USK at around the same time. The USK deemed it to contain “content severely harmful to minors” and claimed there is content that depicts “minors in unnatural and sexually explicit poses”.


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The cleanest screenshot in this article, but that sword was seconds ago another young lady sharing an intimate experience with its wielder.


It’s worth noting that both the ESRB for North America and PEGI for the United Kingdom have rated the game, as both a Mature and 16 respectively.


Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni releases 16th September. We have both the UK and NA versions ready to pre-order, including our Rice Exclusive Liberator’s Edition — the game’s ultimate collector’s edition!



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