Variable Barricade walkthrough and guide

Welcome to the Variable Barricade walkthrough! Let’s get Hibari some loving!

There are a total of 19 endings within Variable Barricade, and as we already mentioned in our review of the game, its ‘REASON UP’ and ‘ROMANCE UP’ options are easily identifiable, making for simple game progression.

In a nutshell, to attain the best “Love End” conclusions, the prologue choices are harmless — unless they lead to an immediate Game Over with a “Marry End”, which we have indicated below.

Our Variable Barricade walkthrough will ensure that you’re on the path to the best endings for each love interest, and obtaining their bad endings simply requires a re-run of their level 2 board, selecting successive REASON UP answers instead of ROMANCE UP.

For the alternative endings titled Another End, we have marked in our walkthrough where you should save during the routes to more easily bag these endings by selecting REASON UP responses from thereon.

It’s much simpler than it sounds, believe me! To reach all endings, we’ve provided a walkthrough to hit each one without much headache. We recommend you leave Ichiya for your last playthrough, while the others can be played in whatever order you wish. Happy romancing!


Pick any of the first three options to advance the story: Ignore them, Insist they have the wrong person, or call for Kasuga

Pick take the red rose for Ichiya’s Marry End (01)

Pick take the yellow rose for Taiga’s Marry End (05)

Pick take the white rose for Shion’s Marry End (09)

Pick take the orange rose for Nayuta’s Marry End (13)

Next choice is inconsequential

Go through each love interest’s barbecue segment scene and pick:

Then I’ll do it for Shion

I hope to… for Taiga

Stop pushing yourself so much. for Nayuta

Don’t you get tired of jousting wits with me? for Ichiya

Pick a suitor to advance to their route, but pick I can’t choose. for a bad end (18)


Variable Barricade walkthrough: Shion

All selections from hereon will get you the best ending. Pick the opposite options on a new playthrough to get the bad endings for each.


I’m intrigued.

Do you have allergies?

It’s fun

Pick the cats up.


I thought his perfume would be the same as mine.


I’m sure Shion has his reasons.

I’m shy.

…Are you mad?


Save here and pick only REASON UP selections starting at this point for the Another End (12)

Because it’s not proper.

Can you forgive him?

That seems like a waste.

Was it for me?

I’m sorry…

What about Shion?


Variable Barricade walkthrough: Taiga


Because I’m worried about your health.

What’s even the point of arguing?

It was trying.

Offer to help.


You’re really paying attention.

Of course I’m not going to panic.

How can you take that bet so nonchalantly?

Thank you. That was enlightening.

I’m sure you were just telling the truth.

I’m envious.


Save here and pick only REASON UP selections starting at this point for the Another End (08)

I’m not family.

If you say so…


You’re the one who’s putting on an act.

Pushed him past his breaking point.

Absolutely not!


Variable Barricade walkthrough: Nayuta


Why is he like this?

He should worry about himself.

You did great.

His directness


You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?

…I’m honestly not sure.

I was so scared.

Gosh, what are the chances?

I’m better off with you.


Save here and pick only REASON UP selections starting at this point for the Another End (16)

No, that’s not why.

I don’t want to choose.

I liked Kevin.

I believe in Nayuta.

No, I’m not.

I can’t.

Nayuta probably likes them.


Variable Barricade walkthrough: Ichiya


What makes you think that?

I don’t want to be spoiled.

It doesn’t matter what others think.

Thank you…


Save here and pick only REASON UP selections starting at this point for a bad ending (17)

Yes, I enjoyed myself.

I want to know the real you.

Can you visualise it…?

Are you going to give up?

I believe you.


Save here and pick only REASON UP selections starting at this point for the Another End (04)

He seemed mature.

(Thank goodness…)

She was no better…

I’ll look forward to it.

Good luck…?

He’s trying his best.

Tease him.

Thank you.

Congratulations, you’ve unlocked the True Board that covers the game’s True End (19)! There are no selections to be made during it, so just sit back and enjoy!

Variable Barricade is available now for Nintendo Switch. A physical release is available via Amazon.

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