The BEST videogame underwear you’ll find on the internet

 The BEST videogame underwear you’ll find on the internet

This is what my life has come to folks. Desperately searching the internet for videogame underwear – and it’s all the fault of one twitter follower (you know who you are!) who sent me a link to some, Evangelion Underwear – thereby setting the wheels in motion for this… 


A videogame underwear feature which may or may not include anime underwear too depending on how productive my google search goes.


So lets do this! Carefully angle your monitors or phones away from prying eyes and dream, dream! my friends, of the scanty undergarments which may or may not find their way under your tree this Christmas.




videogame underwear - evangelion


Oh okay, so I lied – I’m actually starting with the very underwear set which started this whole thing off in the first place. This is a tough one for me folks. As you may or may not know I have something of a… er… Asuka Langley ‘obsession’. She is, to my mind, best girl.

But here’s the thing – when it comes to underwear, ladies underwear, the Asuka Langley set really doesn’t work for me. I would never wear red bra and pants. Blue and white Rei pants on the other hand?


Now we’re talking.


If you fancy a set, or three – then you can get them here.



Videogame underwear Kirby Pants


I like, Kirby. Who doesn’t like Kirby?! But I have to say, I’ve never once thought or him as pantsu material.




Now I can’t stop thinking about them. Like, they are literally the only thing I’ve thought about today. This is largely to do with the fact that while I was ‘researching’ my boss stopped by my desk to ask for a report I’ve been working on, and I hastily tried to close my browser – which just made me look even more guilty, especially as she definitely saw them.


So when I say I’ve been thinking about them all day, what I really mean is, I’ve been thinking about the potential disciplinary action I’m going face tomorrow morning.


Like them? Buy them here.




videogame underwear - touhou pants


So, here we see Touhou favourites Reimu and Mari- ugh, Jesus, what am I doing with my life.


Let’s just move on shall we? If you’re asking, I don’t actually know where you can buy these from. And if you’re honest with yourselves, neither should you.






videogame underwear - pokemon pantsu


Now these are much more wholesome!


What could be more wholesome than a set of starter Pokemon panties.


One minute you’re selecting your new best buddy from Prof. Oak’s laboratory, the next he’s got Pikachu’s still-warm pelt stretched out on a frame, drying in the sun – ready to be stitched into alluring undergarments for you to parade around Pallet Town in.


Yup. Wholesome. Get them here.





Now I have nothing against Pokeball Boxers per se – I mean, the scope for ball-based pun-lay is second to none here.


However, in this instance, I would question the wisdom of having the words ‘Gotta Catch Em All’ on the waistband.


If your new girlfriend isn’t down with the Pokemon Lingo, there are no circumstances where this reads well as she’s peeling off your trousers…


If you REALLY want these. You can get them here.




videogame underwear - anime


Okay, so looks like I’m really starting to scrape the barrel here.


But thing is, I went and put Evangelion underwear as the first bit of this article, and then the whole feature started to naturally go all-in on videogame underwear – and there’s a lot more to choose from than I expected.


So I didn’t want to have a situation where I just had ALL videogame underwear and then one random anime underwear at the top, because that would be weird.


So I then just kind of panicked and typed ‘anime underwear’ into google search (and you can IMAGINE how that worked out for me) and then I started to think about what happened with my boss and the Kirby pants and I panicked even more and just dragged and dropped the first pants that came to mind and these were the ones I happened to choose.


Honestly don’t know what that says about me as a person, and now fuuuuuck I’m typing really fast and I just have to make myself stop or something because sheeeeeeeshh.


I think I may need therapy.


If you want them, this is where you’ll find them.




Videogame Underwear - Street Fighter


Now this is more like it – back to normal again. If you can call making internet lists about videogame underwear ‘normal’.


Here we have Chun-Li and Cammy sets – arguably Street Fighters original (and best!) girls. I guess both are quite nice, though I’m not convinced by the quality of the material on than Chun Li set.


All it would take is to waft that skirt past a naked flame and you’ve got yourself a night in A&E, for sure.


These, like the Evangelion set, are available at Super Groupies




Videogame Underwear

These boxers, as my grandmother would say, are definitely ‘jazzy’.


As I whip off my jeans at light-speed (probably saying something like ‘PAZOW!’ and waving finger guns in my Nan’s kitchen) I can imagine her coming though the door with a plate of biscuits and saying – ‘my goodness dear, those sure are jazzy pants’.


And then I’d feel at once happy that she quite likes my fancy Sonic pants, but also a bit sad that I’m stood half-naked in my grandmother’s kitchen, glowing from the compliment.


If you’d like Knuckles to ‘Go Fast’ all over your crotch, then go here.





Surely you recognise these? They’re the Pantsu from the Mr Happiness Edition of Gal*Gun Double Peace – which were exclusive to this website’s very store on the game’s release.


It says they’re a ‘Screen Cleaner’ but lets face it, we all know what they are. I know what they are because, well… I actually bought this edition. I also happen to own a spare pair as I got one from PQube when I visited MCM Expo in London.


Not that I NEED a spare pair, you understand – because I absolutely 100% have never worn them.


Not even once.


Not even tried.






If you want them, you can’t get them because they’ve sold out. 






Yeah, okay, okay, it’s Bikini. An no, you can’t buy it because it’s attached to the cosplayer and she probably made this herself.


So yeah, I’m cheating. Which is probably the best indicator that this whole feature is coming to an end…





I do like the design of these actually. They’re pretty smart. Smarty pants, if you will.


I also LOLed a little bit when I saw these, so they’re going in the list.


You can actually buy these too – from here.





guilty gear videogame underwear


I know for a fact that you can’t buy these because I completely made them up. Right now in photoshop.


Why? Well, thing is, apart from the Rei bra and panties, I wouldn’t actually wear ANY of this stuff. So that got me thinking.


  1. I like Guilty Gear
  2. I like May
  3. I have some free time on my hands


So here we go. These are my dream pants. Imagine my mum’s face when she picks these bad boys off my bedroom floor…


So yeaaaah, I think we’re done here. Really we are. I’d love to post more pictures of pants for you, but it’s 5.30pm and if I don’t go now, I’ll miss my bus home, which means waiting a whole 30 minutes more for the next bus and, well, it’s cold outside, so, you know…



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