Virtual Convention ComicVket Is Now Underway

 Virtual Convention ComicVket Is Now Underway

With coronavirus cancelling events throughout the year, including both Comiket conventions, many organisers have turned to digital gatherings instead. Enter ComicVKet, a doujinshi event set in a virtual recreation of Akihabara.

After a successful trial run of the event back in April, the first proper ComicVket convention started on August 13th.

Featuring more than 300 exhibitors across the entire event, there’s definitely a lot to see. You’re even able to sample the various books and artwork being sold before buying, so make sure to check out every area of ComicVket if you plan on attending. Best of all, there’s no entry fee!

There are multiple ways to access the event, all detailed in a handy guide set up by the event’s organisers. You can use VR, create private instances of the event to explore solo or with friends, and there are even a couple of mobile apps that can be used to join in.

There’s still plenty of time to check out ComicVket, as it runs until August 16th at 11PM JST/3PM BST. If you’re unable to attend the event, the official ComicVket Twitter account is retweeting a lot of screenshots taken by attendees and exhibitors.

Isaac Todd
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