Future Waifus – Virtual Lap Pillow

While some developers are completely wasting their time with Oculus Rift – making first person shooters and flight sims and all that kinda crap – Up Frontier has been busy putting together a more sensible application for the virtual Reality tech. A Virtual Lap Pillow and simulator which… er… simulates what it’s like to have your head in a girl’s lap!


Made using Unity, and featuring the engine’s Japanese mascot Unity-chan, it’s pretty simple in that you just approach her in the park and then, if approached correctly (presumably you’re not holding some kind of weapon) she’ll sit on a park bench and you can put your head in her lap.








If you don’t approach her correctly, then she’ll kick you, which is, basically how 87% of my friday nights out end.




Oh yeah, and how could I forget – it’s best used with a Lap Pillow, a pillow shaped like thighs chopped from a human corpse and dressed in a skirt – which, you know, is pretty terrifying.




You can watch the whole sordid affair right here.


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