The First Virtual News Presenters on Japanese Television

 The First Virtual News Presenters on Japanese Television

Not stopping at virtual youtubers, Japan has seen last week the first virtual news presenters on television. Local Shizuoka Broadcasting channel took their first try on virtual news presenters last week.




Their names are Maho Morishita and Midori Sawamura. They were made by the super well-known A-1 Pictures, a Japanese animation studio belonging to Sony. You’ll be familiar with them for doing Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, and many, many more.


Midori Sawamura made her debut on Shizuoka Broadcasting TV for the first time on the 31st March. She was on screen for a short time (approximately 1min30) but the channel might hire them again after evaluating the public reception from this first trial.

So the question is, are we in the future yet? If you’re still doubting, check out this video, in which Kizuna Ai, the virtual youtuber is buying herself some virtual friends (English subtitles are available).

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