VR Kanojo Smell Support Lets You Smell Girl & Panties

Has science finally gone too far? VR Kanojo smell support is now a thing, currently only limited to the special booth at Unite Tokyo 2017, an event for Unity developers. VR Kanojo is a little bit like Summer Lesson, except blatantly more “sexy”. They’re teaming up VASQO VR, a olfactory (smell) stimulation VR unit for the event.


The official website calls the VR Kanojo X VASQO VR the “dream VR experience”. They also claim it’s a “world first: the combination of the smell of a girl and the smell of panties in VR”. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to doubt them, we’ve not heard of anything similar either!


VR Kanojo Smell Support Lets You Smell the Girl 1


VASQO VR touts itself as the world’s smallest olfactory stimulation device, though it’s still under development. Obviously the best way to make a bang coming into the market is by showcasing the smell technology with the promise of smelling virtual women. It might seem a little far-fetched, but it does definitely make it stand out from the crowd.


Very contrary to this particular showcase, in its technical specs VASQO VR gives examples of what it could be used for as “freshly made fried chicken” and “gun smoke”, a combination of two of my favourite things.


VR Kanojo Smell Support Lets You Smell the Girl 2


Size: 120 x 15 x 35 (mm)
Battery: 2 hours (microUSB power supply possible)
Number of odours: 5 types in the retail version, 3 types in the prototype build 
Length the odour lasts: 1 month
Odour types: Currently only the scent tailored to the game being demoed, future line-up will expand: e.g. freshly made fried chicken, gun smoke, a beautiful, fragrant scent when a beautiful girl looks at you

Current VASQO VR requires some manual set-up and development to tailor it to specific situations, so the practicality of having it at home may be a way off. The current design would even require you to buy and replace packs of smell. But for events it seems like a great idea.


VR Kanojo Smell Support Lets You Smell the Girl 3


Unite Tokyo 2017 will be held on May 8th/9th at the Tokyo International Forum, so if you’re desperate to plunge those nose holes deep into VR Kanojo as soon as possible, then get yourself over to Japan!


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