VR Tennis Online Coming to PlayStation VR

After the excellent Resident Evil 7, titles for the PlayStation VR seem to have dwindled. VR Tennis Online looks to promises to fill that gap and looks to be amongst the most exiting games for the platform.




The game will feature exhibition, tournament and online modes. VR Tennis Online will be available for an affordable 2,490 Yen (around £18) in Japan from the 16 of February. As this is an arcade game, you can expect some crazy weird special moves such as tornado, snake and rainbow. Check out these moves and the official trailer bellow:



A new online multiplayer tennis game from COLOPL.

Choose from eight unique players and enjoy a mix of realistic strategy and arcade thrills. Simple controls include four base shots and an assortment of Killer Techniques.

Not satisfied with offline games? Jump online and play in real-time with players around the world to boost your global rank!

~ Charge up your power with basic shots, and then unleash your Killer Techniques

~ 12 different Killer Techniques for you to choose from

~ Online play automatically matches you with opponents based on your rating. Win matches to face off with stronger opponents.

~ Separate ratings for Singles and Doubles so you get matched with people of similar rating in each category.


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