Waifu Wars 2015: Return of the Best Girl Nominations Open – Submit Now!

You might remember the saga of Waifu Wars from last year, where was asked you – the members of the public – to vote on the Best Girl from Persona, with Naoto coming out on top. But now we open the gates. This year… anyone can be Best Girl. And it’s completely up to you.


Below you will find the nomination sheet for Best Girl! Only the top 32 nominations, as decided be you, will be able to make it into the even proper, and be crowned Best Girl of 2015! You are all allowed 5 votes each, and you can use as many of these to add new nominations to the pool as you want. Make sure your best girls are not forgotten! It’s in your hands!


It’s hard to get it looking too snazzy with so many options, but try your best to find your nomination in the list before adding a new one to make sure your Best Girl gets full nomination! ^-^ Ctrl+F is your friend!


What would you give Final Fantasy VII Remake out of 10?


2014’s winner


We hope to see you on the other side! May the best girls be welcomed to the Waifu Wars proper when the time comes!




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