Waifu Wednesday: Camilla (Fire Emblem Fates)

Waifu Wednesday

Welcome once again to the hottest day of the week — Waifu Wednesday. The lady that we’ll be featuring today is one you either love or hate, and that is Fire Emblems Fates’ obsessive older sister, Camilla.

Camilla is a character that was hotly debated when Fates was released and, in a similar vein to Tharja of Fire Emblem Awakening, she is the character whose main trope is their obsessive infatuation with the player character.

Fire Emblem is a game series that focuses on stories of war, but interwoven in it are stories that develop a vast number of characters, not just the main protagonist. The whole thing plays out through a tactical, grid-based combat system in which the player moves their units across the battlefield and hopes that no-one dies permanently.

In a game like this, Camilla became a bit of a hot topic with her overt fanservice and exaggerated onee-san personality — I don’t care, though; I love her anyway.

Waifu Wednesday: Camilla (Fire Emblem Fates)

Who is Camilla?

Fire Emblem Fates has three playable routes that the player can choose — Birthright, in which you choose to side with the Hoshido family; Conquest, where you side with the Nohr family; and Revelation, in which you decide on neither family and go your own way. Camilla is a main playable character in both the Conquest and Revelation routes of the game. 

Camilla is the second eldest of the Nohrian siblings and, thanks to her own hard work and training, she has become an incredible force of strength only made even more fearsome by her mastery as a Wyvern Rider. 

Camilla’s mother was a concubine of her father King Garon. As a result, her mother wasn’t the most affectionate or caring when it came to her daughter, which left her with a hole in her heart. Once the player character was adopted into the Nohr family, Camilla took it upon herself to act as a protective, maternal figure towards them — in an attempt to fill the maternal void that had been left on her. 

Why we love Camilla

First off, I would like to point all to our plethora of Waifu articles that we post every single week on the site; among them, you will find numerous articles written by yours truly. And after briefly scrolling through some of those articles, you may start to notice a trend between each of the characters I have talked about. Gifted in the chest department, badass, dark-skinned, ara ara~ onee-san vibes — I’m perfectly on track to be a Camilla fan. 

Camilla is impressive to me, that’s one way I can put it. Despite being in a game about war and tactical combat, Yusuke Kozaki managed to design a character whose skin is almost entirely covered in armor but still revealed her chest, thighs, and even featured a butt window — I give him credit for that as a degenerate waifu lover. I’m also a big fan of the more mature and sexy female characters, as opposed to the cute ones, and Camilla ticks those boxes. 

What I will say about Camilla, however, is that her biggest weakness lies in her main trope — her obsession with the player character. I still love Camilla’s character and personality, her calm and seductive demeanour contrasts really well with her ferocity and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect her family — especially you, the player. A lot of the time though, these cool and interesting parts of her character are almost shoved aside as her obsessive nature must always take the forefront. It’s unfortunate, but I still love her character. 

Why you’ll love Camilla

Let’s be real, you will know if you love her as soon as you see her. If, like my cultured self, you fancy yourself the type of female character who dotes heavily on the player character while still being a complete monster on the battlefield, then you will not only love Camilla, but you’ll adore her. She is, unfortunately, quite the tropey character, but she still has enough to her that you can look past that and appreciate her character. 

Design-wise, what can I say; Camilla is absolutely STACKED and packs enough medieval waifu technology that I could probably write a piece on why her armour is a work of pure genius. Long purple hair that falls over one eye — check. Boobs and butt windows — check. Medieval Zettai Ryouiki — check.

God, I love Camilla.

We found Conor staring into space, clutching the manuscript of this article and muttering “ara ara” to himself. We think he’ll be okay, though. I left an Ouro Kronii video on loop for when he comes to his senses. – Ed.

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