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As I settle down to write this piece about Charlotte Roselei, once again I find myself compelled to dedicate a Waifu Wednesday piece to a series that hasn’t had much representation in the column as yet.

With Black Clover’s manga reportedly coming to an end after it comes out of hiatus for its final arc, I’m dedicating this article to my one “love at first sight” character from the series; one who I felt I could truly and completely relate to for one reason and one reason only. Without further ado, here’s to the Spiny Prickly Queen!

Who is Charlotte?

Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte is the captain of the Blue Rose squad. This is one of nine squads within the Magic Knights who are led by the Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom: the country that the squads are sworn to serve and protect.

Charlotte always seems stoic, with a resting pretty face of constant indifference and an aura of being unaffected by everything that happens around her. She is able to maintain a cool and capable appearance as the leader of her squad; and they in turn idolise and adore her for that seeming flawlessness.

That is unless anything happens to relate to Yami, leader of the Black Bull. She loses all composure with a mere mention or glimpse of him, and her internal monologues tend to run rampant. Prepare for a lot of Charlotte blushing and fumbling around her perfect fronting whenever they are seen together; it’s beyond adorable.

Why we love Charlotte

Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte is undeniably endearing for how she flails around and continuously fails to contain her infatuation for Yami despite her best attempts at hiding such an “imperfection”. This makes for one of the most entertaining dynamics in the show.

Plenty of fun moments within arise as a result of her sweet and mindless blundering, with her true colours coming out in the most unassuming of situations. When we see the pair together, the ship of Yami and Charlotte is undeniable.

She endures constant teasing from Yami, butts heads with her romantic rival Vanessa, runs away whenever Yami questions the wording she uses when she’s at her most flustered and has a propensity for fainting under inappropriate circumstances — such as when she catches him nude, or professes her love for him when she thinks he’s dying.

Whenever Yami is concerned, her brain short-circuits; it’s never not relatable, and perfectly understandable. I’m always a massive fan of an anime character who fangirls as much as us, the viewers.

Why you will love Charlotte

Charlotte Roselei

While her almost all-female squad seem to hate men almost as much as they hate each other, the majority of them do genuinely become more open towards pursuing romantic relationships after Charlotte becomes more honest about her own feelings for Yami.

As a character who once found it difficult to express and articulate her own feelings of affection towards and opinions of others, she ends up setting a better example for her squad members and everyone else who idolises her. Everyone can learn from someone who comes to understand the importance of being honest with themselves and, in turn, being more open in expressing their feelings.

So while her character journey is subtle and mostly inconsequential to the show’s main plot and its major characters, she’s one of the most entertaining cast members in the series precisely because of this personal journey. She’s appealing, character-driven and absolutely relatable, no matter how small in scope her story is as a minor arc; it’s humorous and touching, and just as enjoyable as any other character’s arc. It requires her to learn, grow, feel comfortable in herself and become even stronger in herself — all by simply being genuine.

It’s touching not just in terms of how it shows her fellow squad members and cheerleaders that they can and should be vocal in their own desires and thoughts, but this message can be taken away by the audience also. Plus, presenting it in such a humorous light makes it all the more memorable and worth supporting.

On top of all this, she’s voiced by Yu Kobayashi, who played Lucina in Fire Emblem, Sasha from Attack on Titan, Mahiru from Danganronpa V3 and Katsuragi from Senran Kagura. What a queen!

Spend some time with her now as Charlotte on Crunchyroll. You’ll be doing Black Clover’s best girl the greatest honour.

Header art image by SANII. Original source no longer appears to be online, but check out the artist’s other work here.

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