Waifu Wednesday: Enna Alouette (Nijisanji)

Waifu Wednesday

We’re heading back into the world of Nijisanji EN once more, but today we’re moving on from the Lazulight girls. Instead, today I will be talking about a certain little songbird who belongs to the Ethyria group: Enna Alouette.

Around the time I wrote this piece about the incredible speed that Nijisanji EN seemed to be moving at, I was just getting to understand the Obsydia girls. Shortly after writing up that piece, I saw a clip of Enna singing and that was all I needed to become curious and start watching. 

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Waifu Wednesday: Enna Alouette (Nijisanji)

Who is Enna Alouette?

Enna is a member of the Nijisanji EN group known as Ethyria. This group goes against the standard we thought the previous two waves had set in that it added four VTubers this time instead of three: Enna herself, along with Nina Kosaka, Millie Parfait, and Reimu Endou. I vividly remember being immediately interested in Nina because of “oh my god a MILF Niji EN VTuber, finally!” — but as time went on I found myself watching a lot more Enna than I thought I was going to. (You should watch some Nina, too, she’s great – Ed.)

Her illustrator KT/Gahara411 may be familiar to those of you who play Azur Lane or Arknights, as they designed characters for both of those titles. Enna’s design when originally teased in its silhouette form was referred to as the “Bird of Heaven” — however, upon Enna’s debut we learned that she is most definitely not from heaven — apart from her voice. That thing is a gift

One noteworthy thing about Ethyria is that two of its members — Enna and Millie — have been friends for nearly 10 years. I remember watching a clip in which Enna talks about their friendship, so joining Nijisanji EN together was a dream come true for them. The two of them could almost be considered a two-piece combo at this point, and their streams together are something really special. 

Millie Parfait and Enna Alouette

Why we love Enna Alouette

I briefly mentioned that Enna’s voice is something special, and I want to get across that I am not exaggerating even a little bit — this girl is a phenomenal singer. During the debut of the Ethyria girls, they released an original song featuring all four members of the group, similar to the way the past two waves did. Enna also released an original song shortly after her debut, and it is not only unique, but it portrays her ability in the best possible way. 

One of the things that I personally love about Enna outside of her singing is her overall attitude towards things. When she is playing games, she knows she might not be the best gamer in the world, but she doesn’t let any of that stop her from having fun. Games like Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain really bring out Enna’s personality and charisma, and it’s so fun to watch. 

Watching as she gradually fell in love with Connor in Detroit was both hilarious and adorable, and it made for such great entertainment for the people watching that stream. Then when it comes to collabs with fellow members like Millie or Elira, we get to see this little chaotic gremlin that exists inside of our adorable little songbird. 

Enna Alouette

Why you’ll love Enna Alouette

I’ve found a lot of fun in watching Enna because she plays a lot of the games that I typically wouldn’t be very interested in under normal circumstances. So while I am initially pulled in by the fact a streamer I enjoy is going live, I manage to find the fun in new games through the enthusiasm she expresses for it. So if you’re someone similar to me in that decision-heavy games aren’t your thing, you may find some real fun in watching someone like Enna play it instead. 

Enna really enjoys making videos that have “IRL” elements — she will often do cooking or baking streams where we can see what she’s making, and these are always incredibly wholesome. Usually, we’ll get stories alongside her cooking, like the time she and Millie Naruto ran at a convention, or stories about her dad. She is a really entertaining streamer who I enjoy way more than I thought I was going to — and I implore anyone yet to succumb to her charms to check her out!

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