Waifu Wednesday: Kisara (Tales of Arise)

Waifu Wednesday

We arrive once more at another wonderful Waifu Wednesday, and today I am here to talk to you about a wonderful new addition to the waifu collection: Kisara from Tales of Arise. I love me a strong lady character in my RPGs, especially one in a full suit of armour, and one who takes up the role of the party’s frontline tank. 

As of writing this piece, I am 72 hours deep into Tales of Arise and I believe I am approaching the game climax. Before meeting Kisara in my playthrough I knew I was going to love her just based on her appearance — it would have taken a lot for me to dislike this character — and I have loved every moment of the game since she joined my party. 

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Waifu Wednesday - Kisara (Tales of Arise)

Who is Kisara?

Kisara is one of the main party members in Tales of Arise and, before joining our 2 protagonists Alphen and Shionne, Kisara is the guard captain from the city of Elde Menancia within the world of Dahna. Throughout Arise you will find that most of the world’s Dahnan people have been enslaved under the oppressive rules of the Renans — a race of humans with the ability to wield the magic known as Astral Artes. 

Each city you visit is under the command of a Renan Lord. While most of these are ruthless and awful people, sometimes they aren’t quite what you would expect. This is exactly the case in Elde Menancia. Kisara, the captain of the guard, is a Dahnan woman and the whole city is filled with both Dahnan and Renan people living in peace. 

From the moment you reach this incredible-looking area of the game, you are met with something completely new. As you progress through the story surrounding this area, you come to meet our wonderful waifu Kisara, and it’s here that we find more about her before she becomes the most welcome addition to the party.

Tales of Arise: Kisara

Why We Love Kisara

I mentioned earlier — and you can see from my previous entries in our ever-growing Waifu Wednesday category — that I love strong female characters and that is exactly what Kisara is. When it comes to her as a character, she describes herself as someone who always throws herself in harm’s way to protect others, and her signature tower shield is a constant reminder of this. 

Not only this, but she is physically extremely strong. She is the tanky character of the game, capable of soaking up damage as well as having a wide range of utility abilities that help out the other party members.

When camping outside, you have the option of chatting to one of the party members before you turn in for the night, and one of my favourite scenes from this is when Alphen is struggling to pick up Kisara’s mace, followed by her picking it up in one hand with ease. 

Lastly, of course, I have to mention her incredible character design, a design that managed to perfectly mix a fully armoured guard with some of the science-based technology to add that waifu flair. I’m sure many are already fully aware of Kisara’s backside, but there is no denying the sheer power that open back has. 

Why You Will Love Kisara

If, like myself, you like your more mature characters who can hold their own and kick ass just as much as anyone else, then you too will love Kisara. Not only is she a great addition to the party on a superficial level, but she also brings a lot when it comes to helping other characters come out of their shell. 

When talking with the other party members, she is able to get on their level and understand their perspectives while also injecting her opinions in a way that helps them move forward. Kisara definitely plays something of a motherly role within the group. Also, Kisara is the group’s fisherman and as everyone knows in this day and age — is it even an RPG if there’s no fishing?!

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