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When it comes to romance options in Arcade Spirits, there are no bad options. It is a visual novel and dating sim that is filled with highly dateable individuals, but none stole my heart quite as hard as the loveable techie that is Naomi Fairchild. Her endless enthusiasm for retro gaming and the arcade cabinets that are such a highlight of the hobby make her the perfect choice for keeping the Funplex’s machines up and running.

For this week’s Waifu Wednesday feature, to celebrate the impending release of Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers, we’re taking a look back at the quirky and goofy but undeniably cute Naomi Fairchild from the first game.

Who is Naomi Fairchild?

Arcade Spirits: Naomi Fairchild

One of the biggest challenges in retro gaming is always the hardware. Software can be ported and restored, but to get the old-school feel, you need to play the game on its original screen with the original cabinet controls. Anything else runs the risk of ruining the experience with wretched modern technology. When the main character of Arcade Spirits shows up at the Funplex, they quickly realise that the one responsible for keeping all these glorious retro games running is the awkward woman stationed in the back by the name of Naomi Fairchild.

Throughout the game, we learn more about why Naomi Fairchild has such a deep affection for these older games and why she goes out of her way to try to keep them running smoothly. She is the technical wizard that keeps the gaming cabinets operating and keeps the customers coming back for more. Though she spends most of her time in the back of the building, hiding away in her workshop, she is a core part of how the Funplex operates.

Why we love her

Arcade Spirits: Naomi Fairchild

Say it with me, people – nerdy girls are awesome. Getting to romance an awkward but sweet techie is right up my alley. Naomi Fairchild doesn’t seem to mind the solitude that this hobby requires. In fact, she relishes it, preferring the company of cold, unfeeling tech to that of the human customers that come through the door every day, making her one of the most relatable characters in visual novel history. (Preach – Ed.)

Naomi spends much of the game pining for her beloved arcade machines, doting on them much like a mother would her children. It is a strange habit, but it never delves into a creepy or unsettling display. Like all the characters in Arcade Spirits, Naomi Fairchild is well written and balanced, bringing equal amounts of heart and humour to her portrayal. The more you get to know her, the more you want to hang out with her. By the time she finally opens up to you and the true romance plot begins, you’re hooked.

Why you’ll love her

Naomi Fairchild final confrontation

As I said, there are no wrong choices when it comes to romance options in Arcade Spirits. It is a game that offers nearly limitless customisation in how you approach the romance aspect of it. In a sea of wonderful options, though, Naomi remains my best girl. She isn’t as feisty or upfront as some of the other women in the game, and she certainly doesn’t fit into my usual category of “ladies who scare me a bit,” which I’ve written about extensively in the past, but there is an undeniable sweetness and charm to the goofy nerd in the back of the shop, keeping the place running.

If you haven’t had a chance to play Arcade Spirits, it is currently out on the Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, as well as the ever-reliable Steam. With the sequel coming out in just a few days, now is the perfect time to dive in and get acquainted with the world — and its fine romance options — on offer.

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