Waifu Wednesday: Pomu Rainpuff (Nijisanji)

Waifu Wednesday

Biiiiig PP energy time! I said it was coming and it’s now time to celebrate everything about Pomu Rainpuff — our favourite little fairy of Nijisanji EN!

Ever since getting into VTubers roughly two years ago, I have not only dived deeper into the rabbit hole than ever before, but I have also widened my horizons and started to explore VTuber groups other than Hololive. 

Thanks to one blue-haired angel known as Nishizono Chigusa — who recently had an absolutely amazing 3D debut, by the way, go watch it — I was introduced to the world of Nijisanji and their EN branch.

I did a piece a while back on the big sister of Nijisanji EN, Elira Pendora — and today it’s time to celebrate her genmate Pomu Rainpuff!

Who is Pomu Rainpuff?

Pomu is one of the three members of LazuLight, the first wave of primarily English-speaking VTubers under the agency known as Nijisanji. Pomu is a forest fairy who, through the use of magic, can appear to be either her original size of around 9cm tall, or human-size at around 156cm tall.

Pomu’s designer is an illustrator I have talked about in another piece here on Rice Digital, and that is Kujou Ichiso; her relationship and exchanges with her beloved daughter are some of the most wholesome interactions you will ever see. 

When it comes to her personality, Pomu is as adorable as they can possibly come; she’s a complete geek when it comes to the things that she loves and she doesn’t hold back from expressing her passion for said things. Pomu is someone who doesn’t view her genmates or Nijisanji EN kouhai as colleagues, but rather as friends.

When it comes to the three girls from LazuLight this feels especially apparent, as they are always dropping in and out of each other’s streams to just chill and talk with one another — it’s one of the things that I love the most about Nijisanji and these girls the most. 

Pomu Rainpuff

Why we love Pomu Rainpuff

I mentioned before that Pomu isn’t one to hold back when it comes to expressing her passion for the things that she loves, and this is without a doubt one of the things that I love most about her. What’s special about this in Pomu’s case, however, is the fact that this introduced myself and the rest of her viewers to something not many people outside of Japan know about — wotagei.

Wotagei is a type of dancing that is performed by fans at idol concerts in Japan — if you’ve ever seen videos or scenes in anime where characters are wearing a headband and swinging around glowing sticks, that’s wotagei. The other key part of wotagei is the chants that fans make to go along with songs, and it’s here that one of Pomu’s greatest moments was born.

When Lazulight debuted, they kicked things off with the song called Diamond City Lights, and shortly after Pomu created a wotagei chant for the song. When I say that once you hear the Pomu chant version of the song you’ll never be able to go back to the normal version, I mean it.

While being a wonderfully bright and cheery personality most of the time, Pomu can also tap into the most ungodly gamer rage when the correct criteria are met. I don’t really know if we can refer to this as a form of “gap moe” but regardless it is absolutely hilarious as a contrast to her usual self and her happy appearance. 

Pomu Rainpuff and LazuLight

Why you’ll love Pomu Rainpuff

Pomu is an incredibly entertaining and interesting streamer who always manages to put on a great show for her viewers regardless of what she’s doing. Even if it’s just playing Minecraft, she will manage to make something hilarious about it, whether it’s making memes or telling stories, she always puts her viewers first and it really shows. 

Not only is she interesting, but Pomu is also really creative when it comes to special streams that she puts on. A stand-out was her recent “Pomu on Trial” stream in which she created a stream inspired by the Ace Attorney games, in which we, as the viewers, were the “player”. Pomu created numerous scenarios and it was up to the viewers to make all the decisions throughout the stream — it was amazing!

She’s a genuine pleasure to have around — and someone who it’s impossible not to love. So if you’ve never spent any time in the company of our favourite big PP forest fairy (PP stands for “Powerful Pomu”, in case you didn’t know), then I suggest you rectify that right now!

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