Waifu Wednesday: Princess Daisy (Mario)

Waifu Wednesday

We often think of Luigi as playing second fiddle to his older brother Mario. He’s always Player Two, after all.

But there is one area where Luigi comes out on top, and that’s in matters of love. Because while Mario has been chasing Peach for the past thirty-five years, Luigi knows a good thing when he sees it. In this case, that good thing is Princess Daisy.

For today’s Waifu Wednesday, we’ll be highlighting the lesser known but still loveable Princess Daisy.

Who is Princess Daisy?

Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy has been a part of the Mario franchise since 1989’s Super Mario Land for the Game Boy. She is the ruler of Sarasaland, a land similar to the Mushroom Kingdom in that it is constantly being beset by Bowser and his Koopa forces. In fact, there was a lot about Princess Daisy that seemed suspiciously similar to her Mushroom Kingdom counterpart in those early days. So much so that early reviewers thought that “Daisy” was simply the new localised name for Peach — who had been known as “Princess Toadstool” in the west up until this point — in this new portable take on the Super Mario series.

But don’t let the similarities fool you. Princess Daisy is certainly her own person. As the years went on and characters were allowed to develop a personality in the Mario franchise, she became more of an outgoing tomboy — a strong contrast to Peach’s demure princess vibe. She’s boastful and confident, with a fierce competitive streak that contrasts well with Peach. And her superiority was cemented when she was chosen as the princess the plumbers would be rescuing in 1993’s cinematic masterpiece Super Mario Bros. If that isn’t a sign of approval, I don’t know what is.

Why we love her

Princess Daisy

Attentive readers will notice that I have a deep affection for women who aren’t afraid to be themselves, and Princess Daisy has certainly managed to demonstrate that. Though she might have started out as a carbon copy of Peach, this princess isn’t afraid to show off when she’s in her element. She is clearly the more fun of the two, ready to throw down when she thinks she’s been cheated of a victory. I’d wager she was the one who taught Luigi his infamous Death Glare.

Princess Daisy’s relationship with Luigi is, like every relationship in the Mario franchise, weird and complicated. Some guides and manuals have described it as a rumoured relationship, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a guide at all. But considering the trouble that Mario has gotten into over his pursuit of a princess, maybe Luigi is just playing the long, chill game. Daisy isn’t the kind of girl to be chained down and he knows it.

Of all the girls that have become a mainstay in the most famous video game series on the planet, Daisy is the one with the most personality beyond “occasionally kidnapped princess”. That is something to celebrate all by itself.

Why you’ll love her

If you prefer women with a strongly defined personality and the confidence to be themselves, Princess Daisy is the one for you. She’s adorable, with her flipped out hair and endless enthusiasm. And if you have a thing for tomboys, Daisy is going to be right up your street. She’ll be the first one to tell you when she’s kicked your butt in whatever weird competition is going on in the Mario universe that week — and the first to kick off if she thinks you’re cheating to get ahead. (Not above flinging a sodding blue shell at my arse when I’m winning, though, is she? – Ed.)

Besides, after more than three decades of playing second fiddle to his older brother, it is good to see Luigi get the better of Mario in at least one aspect. Player Two when it comes to controllers — but Player One when it comes to matters of love.

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