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Waifu Wednesday

Mario must have some royal blood in him, because he is constantly surrounded by princesses. Last week, we paid tribute to Daisy, the princess from Sarasaland, but for this week’s Waifu Wednesday, for Mario Day, we’re celebrating the OG Princess in this plumber’s life.

Princess Peach has had an immeasurable impact on video game history and we’re going to give her the spotlight she most definitely deserves.

Who is Princess Peach?

Princess Peach

With her first appearance in 1985’s iconic Super Mario Bros., Princess Peach has been on the gaming scene for over three decades. She was the original princess in another castle, the damsel in distress that Mario had to chase across the Mushroom Kingdom and fight his way past King Koopa’s minions to rescue. It was a difficult journey, especially by 1985’s standards, but Mario’s reward at the end of his quest was a quick kiss and a happily ever after – at least until the next time she got kidnapped.

But Peach wasn’t going to stay in a castle waiting to be rescued forever. By the second entry in the Super Mario Bros. series, she was joining Mario, Luigi and Toad to save Subcon from the evil Wart, and in Super Mario Bros. 3 she supported the brothers by handing out items on their quest — until she is eventually kidnapped by Bowser near the end of the game, because old habits die hard. Nearly every time Mario is on an adventure, Peach is either by his side or the catalyst for his quest.

Why we love her

Princess Peach in Mario Kart 8

Simply by virtue of her role in gaming history, Princess Peach is worth the attention she gets. Without her, Mario is just a plumber who dreams about pasta. Hardly the kind of guy who goes on to become the most iconic video game character of all time. But there is more to Peach than just being saved by her man. As seen in 2005’s Super Princess Peach for the DS, she’s more than capable of doing the rescuing when necessary.

Princess Peach is generally characterised as being very sweet and proper, having all the training you’d expect of a princess in a fantasy kingdom — but she is not afraid to get her hands dirty when the situation calls for it, though she always does it with style and grace. Her weapon of choice is a bright pink parasol — though she also uses her fists in Super Mario RPG — so don’t make the mistake of thinking she can’t take care of herself.

Also, just because she’s a girl in a video game doesn’t mean she’s about to run off and marry the first guy who rescues her. If the ending of Super Mario Odyssey is anything to go by, Peach is understandably tired of both Bowser and Mario’s assumption that she’s just some prize to be won. When the two start fighting over who gets to marry her rather than over the fact that Bowser just kidnapped her, she is so done with their nonsense, and hops right on the next ride out of that toxic situation.

Why you’ll love her

Princess Peach

If you are at all familiar with video game history, you’ve at least encountered Princess Peach from time to time. Whether it is go karting, fighting other iconic game characters and the devious Master Hand, or golfing with her cousin Daisy, Peach is among the most famous women in gaming. Beneath her sweet and proper surface is a warrior princess just waiting to get out — and that is one trope I can get behind.

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