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Waifu Wednesday

Oh lord here I am talking about Nijisanji EN again! This time around, I will be diving into the hilariously adorable being that is Rosemi Lovelock! I’ve only recently gotten into watching some of the Obsydia member’s streams — Nijisanji EN moves too fast — and I have absolutely loved everything that I have seen so far.

Please do have a look through some of the many fine pieces on the highly cultured segments that are Hump Day Husbandos and Waifu Wednesday here on Rice Digital. You’ll also find some of my previous pieces there which include the lovely ladies of LazulightElira Pendora, Pomu Rainpuff, and Finana Ryugu. 

Who is Rosemi(-sama) Lovelock?

A few months after Nijisanji broke into the English-speaking VTuber market with the three wonderful girls of Lazulight, we would see the arrival of their second wave Obsydia — a group consisting again of three members: Rosemi Lovelock, Selen Tatsuki, and Petra Gurin. 

Considering everything about Lazulight, Obsydia seemed to be playing a sort of opposing role, considering some of the contrasts between the two groups. Diamond City Lights was the name of the first Lazulight song, Blackout was the name of Obsydia’s first song. Elira was a Solar Sky Dragon and Selen Tatsuki was a Lunar Sky Dragon. However, as soon as you meet Rosemi and Petra and suddenly you’re convinced that not only are Obsydia not evil, but they might also just be the most seiso group in all of Nijisanji EN.

Rosemi is a rose maiden who is described as being “Pretty as a rose in a vase, but a little sharp to the touch” and I actually think this describes her quite well — especially because Rosemi can have quite the hilariously sharp tongue at times. Her illustrator is Abandon Ranka on Twitter, and her art captures her personality just perfectly. 

Why We Love Rosemi(-sama)

 I will hold my hands up and admit that at first, I didn’t really watch much of Rosemi. I subscribed as soon as the three Obsydia girls announced their debuts, but I never really got around to watching her. The Lazulight girls were starting to really come out of their shells as streamers and that’s my favourite stage when it comes to watching new VTubers; the “acting in character” starts to become less of a thing and the real person starts to overtake — it’s wonderful. 

This meant that when the new wave came, I saw the new girls and immediately felt that Rosemi was someone who may have been just a little bit too seiso for my liking — not saying that’s a bad thing, I just really like the odd inappropriate joke every now and then is all. Once I finally started watching her though, I started to see just how genuinely hilarious literally everything about Rosemi is. 

Her incredible “I’m freaking it” line has become something of a Nijisanji EN staple meme, and it came about in such an adorable and innocent way during a collaboration with Finana and Pomu. And how about her somewhat loose grip of meme knowledge, where one moment she is falling for an “updog” joke, but the next she’s saying “meta this, meta that, have you met a girl in real life”. Rosemi is iconic. 


Why you’ll love Rosemi

I wrote a piece not long ago about my up and down relationship with the demonic game that is Yu-Gi-Oh!, which was brought about partly due to Master Duel being released — but also due to watching Rosemi streaming the game and making it look so fun! Seeing her progression from humble beginnings, where she hardly knows anything about the game, to how she’s now totally familiar with what the meta decks are is nothing short of pure gold — particularly with her commentary. 

Honestly, if, like me you took a first glance at Rosemi and thought “eh she looks a bit too pure and cutesy” give her a watch. Whether it be the games she plays, the unique as hell special streams she does, or just something she says, I promise you that Rosemi is definitely not what you would expect — she’s about ten times better and she has become one of my absolute favourites to watch.

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