Waifu Wednesday: Shion (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

Waifu Wednesday

It’s waifu time once again, and today we’re going to be journeying to the world of one of my favorite isekai series in recent memory — That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Who are we going to be talking about from this world, you ask? Shion, of course! You guys should know by now that I’m a fan of the onee-san type that leans more towards the busty end of the spectrum, so this should have been obvious!

Waifu Wednesday - Shion (Slime Isekai)

Who is Shion?

Shion is a monster, specifically an ogre, who is initially presented as an antagonist to protagonist Rimuru and his group of subordinates. After clearing up some confusion and reaching an understanding, the group of ogres become the third group to join Rimuru.

After being granted the name “Shion” by Rimuru, she becomes completely dedicated to her new master and gives herself the title of his secretary. Considering how different this is compared to when the two first met, this position she gives herself is extremely wholesome — she basically gives herself a job that means she will always be able to be by his side. 

As an ogre, Shion has a much more wild appearance: purple-tinted skin and a thick, black horn protruding from her forehead. After becoming a follower of Rimuru, Shion’s appearance changes; she grows slightly, her horn becomes slightly more narrow, her skin loses its purple pigment, and her overall look becomes much more conventionally beautiful as opposed to her previously bestial look. 

Waifu Wednesday - Shion (Slime Isekai)

Why we love Shion

I have already mentioned my love of busty onee-san-type girls when it comes to my own personal tastes in anime ladies, but there is much more to her character than just her appearance — heck, in some ways I even prefer her original “wild” appearance. (Join us in Monster Girl Corner, we have cookies – Ed.) 

Shion is without a doubt a passionate person, both for the things she cares about herself — and the things that her beloved Rimuru cares about. She may stumble along the way, make mistakes, and potentially kill everyone with the awful food that she makes, but no one can take away the amount of raw passion she puts into everything she does — she really is an “all or nothing” kind of person. 

And her complete infatuation with Rimuru is part of her character that I really enjoy. Rimuru is certainly an extremely powerful being with the ability to do many wonderful things, but ultimately he is still a slime. This isn’t of any concern to Shion; she loves him regardless. Seeing a character who puts her strength into everything turn into a complete love-filled puddle when dealing with Rimuru is certainly endearing. 

Waifu Wednesday - Shion (Slime Isekai)

Why you’ll love her

As with a lot of the anime waifus I tend to enjoy, Shion is a total badass while also being a clumsy, passionate, and lovestruck mess. Even though she isn’t perfect by any means, she puts her all into what she cares about, even if she absolutely sucks at it. If you’re after the kind of waifu who can cook (kind of) but also protect you from an army of orcs, you will love Shion. 

Despite Shion’s smothering affection sometimes being a bit overbearing for Rimuru, she holds a very special place in his heart — evident by the events of the most recent season at the time of writing. She always gives everything her all, and is even willing to die if it means protecting Rimuru or the things that he holds dear. 

If like my cultured self, you are a fan of the onee-san variety when it comes to your waifus then you will love Shion. I understand that some people may prefer Shuna, the more petite and pretty ogre girl, but for me, there is only Shion!

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