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Waifu Wednesday: Shiranui Flare (Hololive)

Waifu Wednesday

I have successfully infiltrated the Waifu Wednesday article slot, and I have managed to sneak in a favorite Hololive waifu of mine, Shiranui Flare! (Stop him, he’s got a VTuber! – Ed.)

As you can see, this waifu review isn’t of a typical anime character or video game character, but it is one of the many Hololive girls that I all love equally! With that being said though, I do have a particular soft spot for a specific 3rd generation half-elf.

In case you have somehow found yourself on this website and managed to avoid any of the numerous pieces we have about VTubers on here, Hololive is a Virtual YouTuber agency that masquerades as an idol group when really it’s just a bunch of comedians and gamers. Joking aside, Hololive has played a leading role in an incredible booming scene within the content creation world, and it has brought nothing but happiness to a lot of people. 

As with every piece I write about Hololive JP members, I must always shout out the clippers and translators. My Japanese is nowhere near good enough to understand everything, so massive thank you for your continued efforts!

Who is Shiranui Flare?

When Hololive first started up, there were only a few members, all of whom joined at different times without meeting one another beforehand. Tokino Sora was the first member, and after her came the other members of what has been dubbed the “0th Generation”, then the 1st Generation, and so on. The 3rd Generation, however, managed to do something that the previous generations hadn’t managed; they became very close friends.

The 3rd Generation seemed to have a bond that the previous generations didn’t have, and it was because of their success that later Generations’ members would spend time getting to know one another before they even debuted. 

3rd Generation — also known as HoloFantasy — introduced five incredible girls who are all now incredibly popular, with the majority of them boasting subscriber counts of 1 million and above!

This is where Flare was introduced; she’s an extremely kind and humble to a fault, tanned half-elf whose endearing personality would later earn her quite the impressive harem — even Tokino Sora herself admires Flare!

Why we love her

Flare has a wonderful personality that earned her the admiration of not just her gen-mates, but numerous members throughout the entirety of Hololive. She is extremely kind and, quite honestly, too humble in some cases, as she often fails to recognise some of her best traits. 

Within Hololive she is called a “Harem Protagonist” thanks to not only her personality but her surprisingly charming side and smooth sweet-talking. I remember watching an old Shirakami Fubuki stream in which she was late to start because she was busy watching Flare stream Sekiro. When she eventually started her own stream, she made a small window on her stream showing Flare, saying “she loves her kouhai so much that she didn’t want Flare to leave the Discord call”. 

Speaking of fellow Hololive members, Flare is involved with some of the most hilarious and entertaining groups within Hololive. The “Bakatare” trio consists of Shirakami Fubuki, Tsunomaki Watame, and Flare. It seemingly came out of nowhere and has rapidly become one of my favorite mini-groups within Hololive.

More recently Flare has been collaborating with Omaru Polka and Yuzuki Choco, and this is another group that has become a fast favourite of mine.

Why you’ll love her

Flare is a somewhat underrated Hololive member, sporting around 600K subscribers as of the time of writing; her gen-mates, meanwhile, all have over a million subscribers — and I think a part of this is due to the strength of the HoloFantasy generation as a whole. 600K is still impressive in isolation, after all!

During their 1-year anniversary stream, Flare mentioned that she wanted to become more confident in herself, and after having looked back at some of her older stuff, you can see that maybe she was still nervous or unsure of herself in the early days. 

But now Flare is killing it! She still maintains her overwhelmingly kind, warm, and charming personality, but she has become so much more confident in herself as an entertainer. She never gives space for dead air and can constantly drive conversation, whether it’s with the chat during solo streams, or with fellow members during collabs. 

There have been so many times where Flare will start with a solo stream playing something like Minecraft, and then an hour in when someone has joined a call with her and it has become a collaboration — and every time this happens it’s with a Hololive member you wouldn’t have expected.

Similar to Ookami Mio, Flare is massively adored by her fellow members, and these traits that make her so great are becoming more and more evident to viewers as well. 

Lastly, I know many people who are also down the VTuber rabbit hole love the relationship between Nekomata Okayu and Inugami Korone. But the real best ship in Hololive is Shiranui Flare and Shirogane Noel!

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