Waifu Wednesday: Shizuka Hiratsuka (Oregairu)

Waifu Wednesday

If you ask me, it’s been far too long since we last spoke about a wonderful older lady on here (although I am biased, and if I had my way, anime MILFs would be all we ever talk about) — so today I want to talk about Shizuka Hiratsuka from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, aka Oregairu.

Shizuka is a character I really loved; whenever she was on screen she would streal the show — apart from maybe when Yuigamama was around, anyway. She was truly a force to be reckoned with. 

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Waifu Wednesday: Shizuka Hiratsuka(Oregairu)

Who is Shizuka Hiratsuka?

Shizuka is a modern Japanese homeroom teacher at the school that the main character Hachiman Hikigaya attends. She also happens to be a guidance counsellor at the school as well as the founder and advisor for the school’s Service Club. The purpose of this club is to have the volunteer members help other students with their problems. 

A teacher sometimes can’t answer or figure out every single problem that a student may have, but a fellow student offering advice or help could be the solution that is needed for a particular situation. Shizuka being a school counsellor means that she is a student’s first point of contact when it comes to problems they may be facing, but as she is also the Service Club’s advisor, this means she can keep new students coming to the Service Club with different problems that need solving. 

It turns out that one of Shizuka’s motives when creating the club was to help some of the more antisocial students, such as Hachiman himself, and put him in a situation that might help make him more social. 

Shizuka from Oregairu

Why we love Shizuka

When it comes to the girls in the series, I’ve never been one for the typical quiet girl, tsundere girl or super-energetic genki types. I always find myself more interested in the older characters that we, unfortunately, don’t see as much off — my tastes also means I never, EVER bat for the winning team in harem anime! Seriously, where the hell is my MILF harem anime, or at least a series where the older girl wins. Is it really too much to ask for that?! (I’m on board – your middle-aged Ed.)

As a counsellor, Shizuka is extremely kind, understanding, and friendly, but she can also be short-tempered, sensitive, and touchy — especially regarding her age — and I love this. Hachiman’s overly cynical attitude is something Shizuka tries to be patient with, but eventually, she can crack, and maybe, just maybe she can lash out at him. 

While she may play favourites with the students in the Service Club or in her homeroom class, the attention and care she gives towards her role as counsellor and advisor aren’t limited to solely the members of the club. She is someone who cares about the future of all of her students, and there are numerous times when we see Shizuka go out of her way to show great amounts of concern for numerous students at the school. She is a very genuine, wholesome character who also happens to have some colourful character traits — perfection, if you ask me. 

Why you’ll love Shizuka

Despite being one of the older characters in the series, who offers insights that only come with experience, she has a childish side that adores things like shounen manga or joining in on the fun that her students are having.

She is easily approachable and friendly with almost all of her students, so she always takes part in things like cultural festivals. She loves sports such as baseball and likes to treat herself to trips to the batting cages — and on her days off she likes to drink late into the night and sleep through until noon. 

Finally, her relationship with Hachiman is just one of those things that will put a broad, dumb grin on your face. Shizuka cares for Hachiman, and he respects her a lot as well, but that doesn’t stop him from poking fun at her for her age or single status.

However, when Shizuka voices some genuine feelings about her past romantic failures, Hachiman comments saying that the people who rejected her have bad taste — he even mentions that should she be 10 years younger, or him 10 years older, he would have fallen head over heels for her.

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