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Every family has its share of secrets. In the case of the Forger family in Spy x Family, everyone has a secret they can’t share with anyone. Loid, the father figure, is a super-spy and master of disguise. Anya, his adopted daughter, is a powerful telepath. But to complete the image of the perfect family, they needed a mother. That’s where Yor Forger comes in. Of course, unknown to Loid, she is not just a doting housewife. She is also a master assassin.

This week for Waifu Wednesday, we’ll be taking a look at Yor Forger, one of the main characters from the Spy x Family manga — a series whose anime adaptation is one of our most anticipated shows of the year.

Who is Yor Forger?

Yor Forger and Anya drinking cocoa

In order to maintain her cover as a run-of-the-mill city employee, Yor agrees to get involved with Loid and go along with the sham family that he has concocted. She happily and eagerly takes on the role of mother to young Anya, teaching the child all manner of life skills such as cooking, polite conversation, and deadly martial arts. Yor Forger uses the family as a cover to continue her assassin work for the mysterious organisation that seems to employ her.

When we first see Yor Forger, she appears to be nothing but a demure, shy office worker at City Hall who is struggling to find a date for an upcoming party. Her concern at being seen as an “old maid” is more than just a social stigma; Berlint City is a tense place, where anyone appearing to fall outside social norms could be accused of being a spy. Having that kind of attention would be most inconvenient for Yor Forger’s second life as the Thorn Princess, the deadliest assassin in the city.

Why we love her

Yor Forger

Despite the rather grim occupation that Yor Forger has, she is one of the sweetest characters in the Spy x Family world. While Loid acknowledges that he will likely abandon both Anya and Yor once his mission is complete, Yor is much more eager to continue the life they have made for themselves. She tries to cook so that she can be a better wife, and is seen as being far more patient and caring with Anya’s studies than Loid.

Of course, she is still a deadly assassin, so her combat skills are nothing to sniff at. On the rare occasions when Anya finds herself in danger, those skills are put on full display. Whether it is dismantling a group of terrorists or inflicting grievous bodily harm on a punk with a pumpkin, nothing brings out that protective instinct in Yor Forger quite like seeing her adoptive child in trouble. Though Loid is generally the central figure of the plot of the manga, it is Yor who seems to provide many of its more heart-warming moments.

Why you’ll love her

The femme fatale trope is one that has endured in spy fiction since its earliest days and Yor Forger is largely designed to fill that role. However, by making her more interested in the raising of Anya than Loid, they give her a more rounded character than he manages. More than just a figure of barely constrained aggression, she becomes an attentive, caring person who happens to be capable of inflicting incredible violence at the drop of a hat.

That duality is what makes Yor such a fun character to read and is a big reason why Spy x Family is one of my most anticipated shows of 2022. We’re less than a month away from the show’s premiere so we don’t have to wait long to see her and the rest of the hijinks that the Forger family get up to. If you’re looking to get caught up ahead of time, you can read the entire run so far on the Shonen Jump app.

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