What If There Was An IT Anime?

There’s a big crossover between Stephen King fans and anime fans. Which is obviously what led to artist Mike Anderson drawing IT anime style fan-art of Pennywise the Clown, the movie’s villain, and then to @KevChelios animating a scene out of that drawing. It’s incredible!



The animated version uses one of two pieces of incredible anime styled IT artwork by Mike Anderson (who is both on Twitter and Tumblr). Anderson’s style in these pictures are amazing — fantastically merging the brilliant grim visuals of the latest version of IT, with a slick, detailed, somewhat realistic anime look.


It reminds me quite a lot at a glance of David Production’s approach to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (especially Part 3) but then, what doesn’t remind me of JoJo?


What If There Was An IT Anime? 1


To be honest with you, I’ve not seen the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. It’s just too spooky for me. Though, friend of the website Matthew Pellett does assure me it’s very good. Every day. Every single day he looks me in the eyes and tells me “IT was so good, you should definitely see IT“.


What If There Was An IT Anime? 2


But this anime rendition is so cool there was an actual IT anime, I might finally be able to get on board the horror rollercoaster and make Matthew’s dream, of me watching IT, come true.

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