What is Bandai Namco’s Projekt #1514?

Bandai Namco has teased Projekt #1514, a new game by developer Dimps, who are behind the Dragon Ball Z Budokai and Xenoverse games, and whilst the trailer has very little to show, it’s clear that it’s set in a world in ruin. It reminds me a little bit of God Eater, actually!


Projekt #1514


You can watch the trailer below and see if you can glean any information from it, but we should be hearing more on the new game soon. Dimps excel in melee combat and whilst we have God Eater and Code Vein going on at the moment, it#s possible that this will be another monster-slaying title. They did make Freedom Wars too after all, and that’s an excellent game.



What could Projekt #1514 possibly be? I’d be surprised if that ends up being its final name, but I’m looking forward to what Dimps and Bandai Namco are cookin’ up!

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