Which Arcade Posture Do You Have?

Anyone who plays games regularly can probably feel that “gaming weight” on them right now, pushing down at their back somewhere depending on the way they hold themselves. We all have habits and ways we like to play, some worse than others. But which posture do you have?


Twitter artist @ringo_jc14 did some sketches off the different types of arcade posture you can find in the game centres in Japan. We’ve translated the names and descriptions! Which one are you!?





The Hunch

You sit as close to the screen as possible
Trying to ignore the rest of the world –
Concentrating on playing the game. Efficient players.



The Twister

Cross legged, twisting their body
When you lose and try to get out of your seat,
the next person can take over the machine more quickly.
This type of person is very thoughtful
and full of love.



The Superior Posture

Even though you lost your game,
You were still sitting like royalty.
You are mindful of your behaviour,
and are full of elegance.



The Half-Crack


Some of the comments responding to the Twitter post are lamenting the prolific “half-crack” approach in their local arcades. I’m probably some sort of cross between The Twister and The Hunch myself, which is just as terrible for the back as it sounds.


Let us know which one you are!


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