Which Gal*Gun gal is the very best Gal*Gun gal?

You know we love us some Gal*Gun here at Rice Digital… and with all three games now officially localised, there’s a veritable plethora of waifus to choose from simply among the main cast.

If we were to get into the extended cast, the complete population of Sakurazaki Academy, we could be here all day, so for now let’s keep things realistic and ask one simple question: which Gal*Gun leading lady is right for you?

And if any of these lovely ladies tickle your fancy, don’t forget you can still get a lovely “Birthday Suit” edition of Gal*Gun Returns, the game where all this nonsense began, from the Rice Digital store!


Gal*Gun Ekoro

Seen in: Gal*Gun Double Peace, Gal*Gun Returns

Who is she? Ekoro is a trainee angel who inadvertently unleashes an angel’s arrow that is 32 times more powerful than it’s supposed to be right into the backside of the unwitting Houdai. She then takes it upon himself to help him find true love before the sun sets — but not without a snarky quip or two along the way.

Will appeal to: Those with a taste for the divine; those who like a girl who owns up to her mistakes and helps make them right; those who think Yui Horie has an attractive voice.


Gal*Gun Kurona

Seen in: Gal*Gun Double Peace, Gal*Gun 2

Who is she? Kurona is a trainee devil who is not very good at being a devil; indeed, when we see her in Gal*Gun Double Peace, she’s effectively doing “make-up lessons”. She has a taste for pulling pranks; rather than being outright evil, she’s more of a fun-loving trickster who frequently uses exaggerated boastfulness to cover up her own insecurities.

Will appeal to: Those who think they can tame a (fairly mild) demon; those who enjoy being kept on their toes by their waifu; Matt Papa from Inti Creates.


Gal*Gun Shinobu

Seen in: Gal*Gun Double Peace, Gal*Gun 2

Who is she? One of two demon-hunting sisters and a longstanding friend of Gal*Gun Double Peace’s protagonist Houdai. Attempts to put across a prim and proper image but actually responds most positively to lewd suggestions; even goes so far as to erotically stomp on Houdai’s dick while under the influence of Kurona.

Will appeal to: Those who like girls who pretend to be one thing but are actually another; those who appreciate “student council president” types (even if they’re not actually the student council president); masochists.


Gal*Gun Maya

Seen in: Gal*Gun Double Peace, Gal*Gun 2

Who is she? Shinobu’s younger sister, and the one with the actual natural demon-hunting talent. Also a longstanding friend of Houdai; calls him “Ho-nii” like he’s her big brother. Has been told she’s highly capable her whole life but clearly isn’t quite comfortable in her own skin sometimes, and occasionally gets things wrong.

Will appeal to: Those after an adorable little sister; those repeatedly beset by demon attacks; those too afraid to be stomped on by Shinobu.


Gal*Gun Risu

Seen in: Gal*Gun 2

Who is she? An angel, and a representative of the Angel Ring Corporation who is sent to Earth to meet her “demon busting” quota. A little too wrapped up in corporate protocol, perpetually neurotic and fond of making the best of a bad situation.

Will appeal to: Those who are stuck in the corporate doldrums and want a reason to keep living; gentlemen who prefer blondes; those who don’t mind a girl who gets in a bit of a flap all too easily.


Gal*Gun Nanako

Seen in: Gal*Gun 2

Who is she? Childhood friend of the nameless player-protagonist in Gal*Gun 2. Currently getting to grips with the transition between childhood and adulthood through adolescence, and struggling a little bit with certain aspects of that. Also she has… a rather colourful background, shall we say.

Will appeal to: Those who think their first love is always the best love; those who want someone who will always stand by them; those who are tolerant and receptive to surprising revelations.


Gal*Gun Chiru

Seen in: Gal*Gun 2

Who is she? Next-door neighbour of Gal*Gun 2’s nameless protagonist; the pair frequently converse out of their windows across the gap between their houses. A complete shut-in, fond of technology, gadgets and online games. Believes most humans — present company excluded — are “pigs from Piggsburg”. Also has a rather more colourful past than her present state might suggest.

Will appeal to: Foot fetishists; the socially anxious; mecha fans.


Gal*Gun Kaoruko

Seen in: Gal*Gun Returns, Gal*Gun Double Peace (as statue), Gal*Gun 2 (as statue)

Who is she? Daughter of the wealthy Sakurazaki family, the wealthiest business conglomerate in the local area, and one that may well have a monopoly on pretty much everything — take a look at the clocks in Sakurazaki Academy and you’ll see they’re all Sakurazaki-branded. Acquainted with Gal*Gun Returns protagonist since childhood.

Will appeal to: Those who can see beyond first impressions; fans of drills; people who like tights.


Gal*Gun Aoi

Seen in: Gal*Gun Returns, Gal*Gun Double Peace (as shopkeeper)

Who is she? Leader of the band LOVE HEARTS, and notable for her shortness. Like many other short people, she makes up for her diminutive stature by being very loud and enthusiastic about everything. Fiercely loyal to her friends.

Will appeal to: Genki girl fans; musicians; those who want a girl who is less angst, more fun.


Gal*Gun Akira

Seen in: Gal*Gun Returns

Who is she? Childhood friend of Gal*Gun Returns protagonist Tenzou, good at sports, unashamedly tsundere with flaming red hair to match. Surprisingly modest; wears spats under her skirt to minimise any potential embarrassment, clearly unaware that Some People Are Into That.

Will appeal to: Tsundere fans; those who like being shouted at; those who want a relationship that will likely be hard work, but worth the effort.


Gal*Gun Kaname

Seen in: Gal*Gun Returns

Who is she? Longstanding friend of Gal*Gun Returns protagonist Tenzou. Spiritual medium, able to see and converse with ghosts, but not angels. Despite this, she’s the only one who really notices something weird is going on with Tenzou throughout Gal*Gun Returns and suspects the cause might be supernatural.

Will appeal to: Those who favour a gentle, kind girl; those who like a shapely bottom and thicc thighs; the spiritual type


Gal*Gun Patako

Seen in: Gal*Gun Returns, Gal*Gun Double Peace (as secret waifu)

Who is she? The one who starts this whole mess off. Accidentally fills Gal*Gun Returns protagonist Tenzou with 16 angel’s arrows when she only meant to fire one. Oddly defensive about the fact she made a mistake, but finds it difficult to stand up to Tenzou. Prone to making excuses. Adorable.

Will appeal to: Those who like awkward girls that have responsibility but are absolutely not comfortable with it; those who enjoy arguing; those with a high tolerance for bullshit.

Honorable mentions

And just a few picks from the extended cast, then, you persuaded us…

Gal*Gun 2 Anita Bellman

Anita Bellman (Gal*Gun Double Peace/Gal*Gun 2): Swedish. Likes The Moomins. Not a lot more needs to be said.

Gal*Gun Maria Natsuki

Maria Natsuki (Gal*Gun Double Peace/Gal*Gun 2/Gal*Gun Returns): American. Largely fluent in Japanese in terms of vocabulary, but sports the most hilariously awful accent. Prone to spouting memes and references.

Gal*Gun Midori

Midori Hanba (Gal*Gun Double Peace/Gal*Gun 2): Aspiring game developer. Wears Tetris hair clips and makes references to “entering a blocked scene” when getting intimate. Also, tights.

Gal*Gun Mei Suzuno

Mei Suzuno (Gal*Gun Double Peace/Gal*Gun 2): Dish washer at local restaurant. Absolutely foul-mouthed. Tights.

Gal*Gun Madoka Tsukimiya

Madoka Tsukimiya (Gal*Gun Returns/Gal*Gun Double Peace/Gal*Gun 2): President of the Light Music Club. Defeated by LOVE HEARTS in a battle of the bands during the events of Gal*Gun Returns, and joined the band shortly afterwards. Originally played drums, but switched to bass guitar when she joined LOVE HEARTS. Surprisingly comprehensive lore for such a minor character.

So who’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments or via the usual social channels — and if you’re yet to join the Gal*Gun party, why not start with Gal*Gun Returns? You can grab a beautiful limited physical edition from the Rice Digital store — click here to take a look.

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