White Day 2 Announced for 2018 PS4 Release

 White Day 2 Announced for 2018 PS4 Release

Is this a new game announcement? Well, yes and no. Back in 2016, Sonnori already announced some details on White Day 2: Swan Song. Though back then it was announced as a VR thing and there was no “2” in there. Now, Sonnori have revealed it’s a whole sequel, and playable even without VR.


The first White Day is releasing in the west this very week — 22nd on Steam, and 25th on PlayStation 4. It’s a loving remake of the original White Day, which used to be only available in Korean. It was a huge game in the horror scene, and popularised the whole “sneaking through a spooky location avoiding terrifying enemies” thing that’s become so popular these days with the likes of Outlast and Resident Evil 7, but White Day predates them by some time where it was super popular on YouTube and streaming sites.



To show they’re really committed to making White Day international, Sonnori have confirmed that Swan Song will be a fully fledged White Day 2, and will release on PlayStation 4 in 2018. No news on a PC release yet for this one. Originally announced as a VR title, White Day 2: Swan Song will be fully playable without VR.


Besides a teaser site, Sonnori are going to be keeping shtum on further details until White Day is out on PC and PS4, and everyone gets a chance to enjoy the game that started it all. The website is currently only in Korean, but reveals it will be another game about surviving overnight in a terrifying school.


The first White Day will be releasing on PC via Steam on 22nd August 2017, and PlayStation 4 in Europe on 25th.


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