Prepare for horror with these White Day 2 teasers

Korean horror has a very distinctive look and feel about it, and over the course of the last few years we’ve seen a variety of different titles educate us in this particular field. White Day 2, sequel to the excellent White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, looks like being a game worth keeping an eye on.

Developer ROOTNSTUDIO shared a couple of teasers a month or so back, so we thought you might like to take a look at them on the off-chance you missed them when they were first posted. Both feature English subtitles if your Korean is a bit rusty.

First up, this rather abstract teaser gives us a brief hint of the concept behind the new incarnation of White Day 2. The captions read “born as a flower, but never was the one, so I became the Lie swallowing the truth”. Mysterious!

The second teaser gives us a bit more explicit detail. There’s been a fire at Yeondu High School, setting of the first game, and someone seems to be fleeing towards it with the police in hot pursuit.

After the disappearance of the vengeful ghost from the original White Day, “they” — seemingly a young couple, and perhaps the intruders in question? — have returned to discover the “truth left behind”. But it seems that the troubles of Yeondu High School are far from over, as our heroes find that the school is devouring them, and tragedy is at risk of striking again.

Beyond that, we don’t know a lot of details, but the second teaser does give us a glimpse at the first-person perspective of White Day 2 and the elaborate environmental detail we can look forward to.

White Day 2
The old logo.

White Day 2 was known as Swan Song when it was first announced, and seemed to be a prequel to the first game, but it had a somewhat troubled development. The new teasers may imply that the concept has been rethought somewhat — hence the new title and the explicit positioning of the game’s events as happening “again”. We’re yet to hear specifics or confirmation in that regard, though.

Regardless, as scant on details as we are at the moment, this should be one to watch for horror fans, as the original White Day (and its more well-known remake) is a classic of the genre.

We’ve reached out to the developer for a chat about the new game, so watch out for that very soon on Rice Digital — and enjoy the teasers in the meantime!

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