WhiteDay Legendary Horror Game Coming to PlayStation VR

Considered by many the pinnacle of horror games, WhiteDay is a free Korean horror title from 2001. At PlayStation’s Korean Press conference, we were shown a glimpse of what the remake would look like on the PlayStation 4 using the PlayStation VR.



The original game had you walking through the corridors of school after dark, in order to place a chocolate in your crush’s desk. However, things quickly turn for the worse when the janitor starts beating students with a baseball bat. From then on it is a mixture of sneaking, hiding and running from the horrors that await. The puzzles at times were challenging forcing you to really put thought into them. The game had a large number of choices that ultimately impacted what ending you would get.


The trailer shows that the remake will be a worthy upgrade to the original. Fans will be pleased to know that the character models, while redone from the ground up, keep their original style.



You can download the original WhiteDay while waiting for this remake.

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