Who is the final Smash Ultimate character?

Let’s have some fun today and get wild with some theories as to who the last character to join the roster of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate could possibly be. Masahiro Sakurai, his team, and Nintendo have managed to pull off character inclusions that I, even anyone else for that matter, would have thought impossible — so at this point pretty much anything goes.

This means that I get to go wild with the characters I think could be added to the game. I will actually be somewhat sensible, however, and not just make this my own personal wishlist; I’ll also talk about some characters I think would make sense in Smash, along with fan favourites. Without further delay, let’s go!

Who is the final Smash Ultimate character?

Sora – Kingdom Hearts

Sora is the main protagonist from the Kingdom Hearts series, a long-running collaboration between Square Enix and Disney. This series of games consists of — get ready for this — Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts Coded, 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts X, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and finally Kingdom Hearts 3. At some point, someone really should have told Tetsuya Nomura to chill out just a little bit. (We all know that’s never going to happen – Ed.)

Sora is the character that I personally have seen being requested the most, certainly on social media and even within my own friend group. Here’s the problem — Disney owns Sora. It’s a really complicated situation surrounding this character, as Nintendo would have to negotiate with two different companies just to get a single character added to their game. 

I don’t think that means it’s impossible, however this is Disney we’re talking about and I can’t help but imagine the restrictions or stipulations that they would impose on Sakurai and Nintendo. So while I would love for Kingdom Hearts fans to get their character, Sakurai would have to make not just the impossible happen, but pull off an outright miracle.

If I’m being greedy though, forget adding Sora and get my girl Tifa in the game!

The final Smash Ultimate character

Master Chief – Halo

Also known as John Sierra-117, Master Chief is a legendary Spartan soldier fighting for the United Nations Space Command (UNSC). Spartans are bio-engineered super-soldiers that were originally created to stop a revolution. This all changed when the Covenant, an alien race, attacked Earth, and it was at this point that Spartan soldiers became the protectors of humanity.

Once Banjo and Kazooie were added to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, that’s when we knew that anything was truly possible; Nintendo had managed to secure a relationship with Microsoft, and the appearance of Minecraft’s Steve cemented that even further. Tons of both Xbox and Nintendo fans grew up with Banjo-Kazooie, and thus the character being added to Smash makes sense. Steve appeals to the newer generation of gamers, as Minecraft is a huge part of their lives and even with my disdain for that mess of a character, I can understand that. 

Now Smash is, as we all know, a celebration of all things video games and Halo has something very special — its theme music. If I had to name a song that could possibly be the national anthem for gamers, the theme of Halo would be the most obvious choice. For this reason alone, Master Chief deserves his place amongst the characters of Smash. 

The final Smash Ultimate character

Crash – Crash Bandicoot

Crash is the main protagonist of the Crash Bandicoot series of games that many Playstation players grew up with. Similar to the way Sonic pushes the limits of what an anthropomorphic hedgehog could possibly look like, Crash is based on an Eastern Barred Bandicoot who is most famous for jumping, spinning, and saying the line “Whoa!”.

Growing up I wasn’t the world’s biggest Crash Bandicoot fan, but I do think that the character would fit really well in the roster of Smash, similar to the way that Banjo just makes sense. I think that the character could be a really fun inclusion and while his move-set might be somewhat bare, they could use his spin-off games like Nitro Kart as inspiration for some additional abilities. 

While Banjo’s origins were on the Nintendo 64, his inclusion in the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade made him a major character for people who grew up playing Microsoft consoles. As such, his reveal was a huge surprise — and I think it’s about time that people who grew up on PlayStation get something of a similar level of surprise. 

The final Smash Ultimate character

A Smash Brothers original character

This is my wildcard speculation that I’m almost 100% certain will NOT happen, but hey on the off-chance it does happen, I will look like a 1000 IQ precognitive genius. If we’re to believe there will be no more DLC Fighters Passes after this last character, then going out on a completely original character would be a massive shock to a lot of people. 

Sakurai is a fighting game fan and developer, and while he does a truly incredible job of taking characters from their original games and making them work in Smash, part of me wants to see something completely unique from him — an entirely Sakurai-original character. 

Again, I think the chances of this happening are so astronomically low. I do, however, think there is a strong chance of the last character being a Nintendo character and who could that possibly be hmmm? What long-limbed, gangly, purple-hat-wearing character would that be? Waaaaah.

Who would you like to see as the last character in Smash Ultimate? Let us know down in the comments — or pen us a letter for the Rice Digital Friday Letters Page if you have more to say!

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