Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for the Persona 3 Protagonist

The Husbando Battle 2016 polls have closed. However, the winner will not be inaugurated until this Wednesday. This will take place after myself and the other members of the WHEC (Waifu & Husbando Electoral College) have passed the votes for our IP blocks. Even though mine voted for the P3 Protagonist, I will not be voting that way.



The role of the WHEC has largely been seen as ceremonious since its creation by the Fandom Fathers. But that is of course not the intent the Fandom Fathers had behind creating the WHEC. But let me set something straight first. Many people have asked me not to pass my official vote for the Persona 3 Protoganist on various different grounds. Okabe was in the lead before cheaters were disqualified. This isn’t a case of me rallying against fairness, though. It’s simpler than that. I’m being asked to cast my vote for Husbando for someone who shows daily that they are not fit for the title.


The Persona 3 Protagonist doesn’t even have a personality. He can be whatever the people want him to be. And that’s a real problem, not an asset. The Persona 3 Protagonist has demonstrated time and time again that he is a very real demagogue, and in a frightening way. This is unacceptable.


Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for the Persona 3 Protagonist


I’ve spent countless hours over the years discussing best girls and best boys on online forums. So by all means I intend to be faithful to those that I serve in this role. It’s in this role that I have a responsibility to uphold what it means to hold the Husbando office.


The election of Husbando 2016 is not yet a done deal. Myself and the other members of the Waifu & Husbando Electoral College still have a chance to stand up and do the right thing, and to follow the original intent of our glorious Fandom Fathers. We were intended to be the last line of defence against corruption of the Husbando Battle. I will be casting my Electoral Vote for a viable third party candidate, such as 707 from Mystic Messenger, and will be urging my peers to do the same.


It’s time we took a stand.

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