Wii U, 3DS eShop purchases to be discontinued in 2023

Nintendo has announced that worldwide eShop sales for both the Wii U and 3DS will end in late March, 2023.

While buying games or downloading free content will no longer be possible, previously purchased games and DLC will still be available to users for the foreseeable future.

Ahead of the discontinuation of sales, adding funds via credit cards and eShop cards on either system will no longer be available on May 23 and August 29, 2022 respectively.

If you want to look back on your history with the 3DS and Wii U, Nintendo has opened a new site that will display your play activity for both systems (though this only includes data up to the end of February 2020).

And for those of you making use of Pokemon Bank, a subscription storage service for 3DS Pokemon titles, it will be available for free for a limited time once eShop sales end for the system.

The 3DS has a lot of excellent exclusives that probably wont be ported elsewhere (unlike the Wii U), so now is the perfect time to look through the portable’s library.

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