Don’t despair! Win Danganronpa: The Animation this Weekend!

Manga UK have provided us with a copy of their upcoming release Danganronpa: The Animation on DVD, containing all 13 episodes!



The anime, which is based on the visual novel Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, revolves around the students of Hope’s Peak Academy which only takes on the best students around. Each has a special skill that sets them apart from the others other than Makoto Naegi who has no skill, but when they’re all thrust into a killing game planned by a murderous monochrome bear called Monokuma, the students have to either kill to get out or decide to spend their lives in the school. We love the series!




The game is a favourite of mine and you can expect a review on Danganronpa: the Animation soon. There’s only one prize available and it’s so easy to enter, so why not? Good luck!

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