Halloween Month: The Witch’s House Review (PC)

In this Halloween Month Special we will look at a thrilling experience that is the Witch’s House, a puzzle horror game by Fummy and translated into English by vgperson.





The Witch’s House is a horror game that is entirely made in RPG Maker VX and is freely available for anyone to play. At first you might mistake it for a type of RPG Maker games that feature a lot of chase sequences, but this game is much more than that and it only has a few of these sequences. The Witch’s House is chock-full of effective jump scares, but also cleverly laid out puzzles.


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The game starts as the main protagonist, Viola, wakes up in the middle of the forest. After discovering that the road is blocked by huge rose bushes, she doesn’t have anywhere to go except in a house nearby. Along the way you discover that this is indeed, the witch’s house.



Essentially, this house in which you get stuck in is your number one enemy. You really do feel that this house is after you, as it rearranges its rooms. Statues can move by themselves, chairs fall over, walls get bloody, vases shatter, bottles break.


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Sometimes you will feel as if something is following you, as faint shapes loom out of the darkness. Not only that but sometimes a mysterious girl creeps about the house, showing herself in the mirrors.


It is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as you experience some of the many horrifying deaths Viola can suffer through. For example, after reading a certain book, Viola scratches her eyes out and dies. You will get stabbed, wounded and repeatedly mangled in other horrific ways.


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The only way to get out is to solve the mystery of the Witch’s House by outsmarting it. Most of the time you will get hints as to what to do, but it does require a bit of guesswork. You will also get a bit of help from a black cat which is at the same time a save spot.


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For instance Viola will have to rearrange half of the room to match the other half, or will have to make a sound in four rooms that are connected to each other. After you find a very dark room, it is up to you to provide yourself with a light source.


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The story runs deeper than just simply being challenged to solve the mystery, as is evident from numerous diary entries you find, but also the second ending that reveals a nice twist to the events of the game. It is one of the rare horror games that do explain their story and it all actually ties in with everything that has happened.


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The graphics in The Witch’s House nicely tie in with the atmosphere of the game, but some of them aren’t entirely original. Still, the cleverly laid out lighting effects throughout the game make it stand out more from other RPG Maker horrors. Some of the sound effects and music, though used scarcely, really intensify the experience.


It is a gory game with a lot of body horror and mutilation, so you should be warned. On the other hand if you love puzzles and horror games, The Witch’s House is highly recommended.


You can download the original game from the official website. English translated version can be downloaded here. For running the game RPG Maker VX RTP is required, which can be downloaded from RPG Maker site.

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