Wonder Chef Tales of Vesperia Guide

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is a huge game, with a large amount of activities, of which nothing is more enjoyable or occasionally frustrating as finding the Wonder Chef. This Wonder Chef Tales of Vesperia guide will help you find the buoyant fellow’s hiding places around the world of Terca Lumereis and, if you find him, will gift you a new recipe.


We know that he can be quite frustrating to find especially in some of his later appearances, and you need to have found the first twelve to find the thirteenth one. This is why we have taken all of the struggle out of it with this guide to all of the locations of the Wonder Chef in the world of Tales of Vesperia, along with the recipe itself and what you need to make it.


wonder chef tales of vesperia guide


[1] Salisbury Steak
(Beef, Egg, Onion)

Aspio – He’s disguised as a daikon and will be jumping up and down outside the gates in the bottom left-hand corner.


[2] Sorbet
(Fruit, Milk)

Capua Nor – He’s now a little yellow duck running around just past the inn next to the train station.


[3] Fried Chicken and Fries
(Chicken, Potato)

Capua Torim – He’s the hopping blue fish next to the lighthouse.


[4] Fish with Miso Sauce
(Mackerel, Miso, Rice)

Heliord – He’s disguised as a teruteru bouzu doll hanging around at the back of the room you first arrive in.


[5] Minestrone Soup
(Onion, Tomato)

Dahngrest – He’s directly to the right of the door of Don Whitehorse.


[6] Salad
(Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato)

Ghasfarost – In the middle of the tower where you charge the gears, you can see him disguised as a spinning pinwheel on the right.


[7] Kebab Sandwich
(Beef, Bread, Lettuce, Tomato)

Nordopolica – He’s the jiggling trophy to the right of the entrance inside the coliseum registration hallway.


[8] Curry
(Carrot, Meat, Onion, Potato, Rice)

Mantaic – This time he’s pretending to be a cactus with a chef hat, behind the knight standing at the right of the little fork in the path after the fountain.


[9] Croquette
(Meat, Onion, Potato)

Yormgen – You see that bowling pin in between the partition and beds in the inn? That’s him!


[10] Cream Stew
(Carrot, Chicken, Milk, Onion, Potato)

Myozoro – This time he has disguised himself as an ice cream cone, and can be found in the southeast of the city, through the city gates.


[11] Vichyssoise
(Milk, Potato, Sticky Flour)

Nam Cobanda Isle – This one is easy to miss as the chef isn’t moving in any way, but behind Antlionz is a wooden cutout painted to look like the Wonder Chef. Go and take a look.


[12] Crêpe
(Banana, Egg, Kiwifruit, Milk)

Aurnion – He’s disguised as a scarecrow and is waving at you towards the back of the town.


[13] Mabo Curry
(Onion, Potato, Rice, Tofu, Tomato)

Nordopolica – If you have all other recipes, he will appear on the dock and invite you to the cooking contest.


wonder chef tales of vesperia guide


So, that’s it for this Wonder Chef Tales of Vesperia Guide! Get out into the world, track him down every where, and cook all of these delicious dishes! Have you picked up Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition, or do you think you will pick up this enhanced version of the iconic JRPG? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook, and check back for more guides and coverage of Japanese games! Also, while you’re here, why not check out our glowing review of the game here!

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