World of Final Fantasy Demo is Live Now

The World of Final Fantasy demo has just hit the European PlayStation Network store for PS4 and presumably Vita, with the North American and Japan versions following soon. The PS4 version weights in at a little over 1.3GB so what are you waiting for? Get downloading and get dungeon-crawling!
Playing through the demo will net you the Magitek Armor P mirage for use in the full release, which will be one of the games summmons with a skin that’s inspired by Japanese police cars. If you’ve missed it, you can watch the game’s full opening here.
world of final fantasy demo 1

This demo releases ahead of the games full release on 25th October across NA, 27th across JP and the 28th across Europe. I’m personally very excited to play a game that’s celebrating the series’ long history, and you can bet that we’ll be covering more of World of Final Fantasy!

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