World of Final Fantasy New Gameplay Video

We have new footage and a lot of new details on World of Final Fantasy, a new cutesy Square Enix title coming out in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Vita.


The video shows our protagonists who find themselves in a forest where we can see a pretty good demonstration of the combat system. The World of Final Fantasy will feature an interesting addition to their ATB (Active Time Battle) system where you can stack your cute chibi characters one on top of another for stat bonuses and various effects. The protagonists will be able to fight both in their chibi and normal forms. Chibi form gives you the ability to mount monsters, like an awesome looking Behemoth or a Magitek Armor.


As you will be able to capture various monsters and use their abilities to solve environmental puzzles, the game seems to be having a bit of a Pokemon vibe, which is good in our book.


After a couple of battles the protagonists face off against adorable Yuna from Final Fantasy X and use Squall from Final Fantasy VIII to finish her off. The load times look a bit sluggish, but it was noted that this will be fixed by the release.



You can watch the whole event here. Also don’t forget to check out the new trailer.



You can see a host of new screenshots and character art in our gallery below.



Enjoy the new character art below.


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