Xblaze: Code Embryo Limited Edition is a Rice Digital Exclusive

 Xblaze: Code Embryo is the Visual Novel BlazBlue spin-off set way in the past of the BlazBlue universe. BlazBlue has always been one of our favourite 2D fighters, developed by masters of the genre, Arc System Works. One of the great things about BlazBlue is it has a really intriguing story, so naturally we’re all over Xblaze as a Visual Novel spin-off. And we’re the only place selling the Limited Edition!




That’s right, we’re the only place stocking this exclusive Limited Edition of Xblaze: Code Embryo in Europe, thanks to a collaboration with the excelled Funbox Media. We understand the importance of nice, physical collector’s editions to the fans, as we are fans ourselves. As such, we’re super happy to be able to help make this happen. Xblaze is too awesome to go overlooked.




What is Xblaze: Code Embryo?

Xblaze – Code: Embryo takes place 150 years before the events of the BlazBlue series. XBlaze adopts a visual novel approach to tell the story of the universe, with simple player interactions to progress the character dialogue or the protagonist’s inner thoughts. Reading (or neglecting to read) certain in-game articles dictates the direction of the story and, ultimately, the outcome.




Game Features

  • – A beatifully drawn, yet simple visual novel with equally-astounding music. As an extension of the BlazBlue universe, Xblaze is a must-play for any fan.
  • – Set 50 years before the Dark War and 150 years before the events of the first BlazBlue game, Xblaze follows the story of a highschool student who finds the ‘Power of the Azure’
  • – A brilliant translation – without any awkward ‘all your base are’ sentences – that retains the themes and context throughout.
  • – A multi-threaded narrative depending on the information that you read – choose the wrong piece of information and bad events can occur.
  • – Yes, there’s a little bit of fan service. And a bathing scene.


Exclusive Art Cards & Slipcase

Our edition of the game comes with eight exclusive art cards showcasing some of the great artwork from the game as well as a gorgeous slipcase. Here’s a look at the art cards:









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