XBlaze Lost Memories Releasing in Summer (NA)

Yep, still no news on anything EU-wise, before you ask or get too excited. Aksys have today announced that XBlaze Lost Memories will be releasing in North America in the summer, shortly after its April Japanese release date. But no news for the EU. None at all. An entire region, Blazeless. No blaze burns for me…



XBlaze Lost Memories is the sequel to XBlaze Code Embryo. They’re visual novel spin-offs of BlazBlue, and as such are indeed everything you ever wished for and everything you ever dreamed. But not in the EU. Not yet.




You can already pre-order the game! In North American. On North American websites. Websites that are very much not based in the EU, as there is currently zero information on anything in the EU. Again. As usual. Nothing for us but imports and dreams and sadness.




Here’s the press release!


Aksys Games announces today that XBlaze Lost: Memories, a new adventure/visual novel game based in the BlazBlue universe, for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, will be released this summer! Play as these cute 8-bit characters (and in their standard visual novel form too!) and uncover the mysteries of the XBlaze universe!

Pre-order today on Amazon for PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita!

XBlaze Lost: Memories is the sequel to XBlaze Code: Embryo, and expands upon the events of the first game, as well as continues the adventures of the original cast while introducing new characters and plotlines. However, players new to the series won’t be left in the dark, as Lost: Memories provides a comprehensive overview of the important events of the first game! But should you want the full XBlaze Code: Embryo experience, you can buy a copy by clicking on the links below:

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