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It seem that each company brought out a set of awesome looking new IPs this year and Microsoft is no exception. At Gamescom I had the opportunity to try out Sunset Overdive and have a peek at the upcoming Quantum Break. Both of these titles are eagerly awaited Xbox One exclusives.




Sunset Overdrive


Made by Insomniac, a company that is famous for its Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises, comes an Xbox One exclusive. In the sea of generic undersaturated military shooters we finally get a game that is both fast paced and rich in color.


The focus on this title is not only on shooting, but on shooting with style. You can grind all around in a system reminiscent of the grind mechanic in Jet Grind Radio. While grinding, your character will automatically lock onto enemies, allowing you to get from point A to point B very fast and still be able to keep on shooting. There is also a huge variety of wacky weapons and you can customize your character to your liking.


At Gamescom I played a 7 player co-op mode called Night Defense. Your goal is to kill as many enemies all while defending the vats in the middle of the level. You earn points by killing enemies and make combos by successfully grinding. I managed to earn first place even topping a member of the Microsoft team, earning me a sweet sunset overdrive T-Shirt. The whole game is fast and fun, but team play can feel a bit disorganized at first.


In Night Defense your base will be overrun with wave after wave of increasingly more powerful enemies, with a few gigantic ones thrown into the mix. In order to more easily cope with the fast pace of the game, in-between waves you can place traps in order to guard choke points that lead to your base.


The game was enjoyable to play and the grinding system really felt as a great addition. The game will be out this October exclusively for Xbox One.


Quantum Break


Quantum Break was a really mysterious title, as Microsoft kept showing teaser after teaser without even telling fans what kind genere it will be. This Gamescom we finally got to see what the game made by Remedy Entertainment is about.


Quantum Break is all about time manipulation, featuring so called time amplified gameplay. Playing as a typical cover-based shooter, you can use time manipulation in order to overcome your foes. You can slow down time and rush in to deliver a quick blow, or you can dart behind another cover essentially making enemies oblivious that you are no longer there. You can even stop time in order to dodge incoming bullets.


The demo shows a mid section of the game, where our protagonist has to make his way over a bridge. You are constantly on the run from the oppressive company called Monarch Solutions, who’s foray into time travel experimenting has resulted in time starting to fall apart in what you can perceive as periodic time stutters.


During these stutters the main character can move key people or objects and view the whole world in a frozen state. In the demo, the cargo ship crashes into the bridge and you must make it across, all while objects such as pipes and cars keep looping in time, in a destructive loop. Here you will have to time your jumps in order to dodge the carnage.


The game will ship with the first season of the same titled television series. As you progress through the game you will unlock specific episodes, meaning your choices in the game will in the end change the outcome of the series.


Quantum break is scheduled to come out sometime next year.

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