XenoBlade Chronicles 2: The Waifu Review

With the definitive edition of Xenoblade Chronicles releasing on the Switch soon, I thought it would be fun to go over some of my favourite blades from Xenoblade 2, a game which I thoroughly enjoyed. Xenoblade 2 is chocked full to the brim with some fantastic blades and a lot of these take on the form of waifus! They really knew who they were marketing towards with this game. Anyway, let’s get into some of my personal favourite blades!


This is an obvious one right? How could I ever make a list of the best waifu-blades and not include the blade you start with. Mythra and Pyra are the legendary blade that sets your whole journey into motion, and they even saved your life! Throughout the game we grow extremely attached to these two blades and even if they were terrible in-game, I would still have them on the list.

They’re both cute as hell and strong as well. The two of them cover 2 different elements, Pyra being a fire-type blade and Mythra being light-type. The two can achieve some really good damage thanks to their affinity tree’s and individual skills. Mythra has a skill which lowers the recharge rate on her special attacks, so she can spam numerous abilities resulting in driver combos, leading into even more damage! Pyra has skills which increases her combo and critical damage and considering she has special attacks that hit numerous times, she can pull up some seriously impressive numbers.

If you had to make me choose, I’m on team Mythra.


Definitely a personal favourite blade of mine when it comes to her design alone. Look at her! She has flaming boots, gloves and her damn hair buns are on fire! She also keeps her eyes closed all the time, which just makes her look like an aloof badass who doesn’t even need to see her opponent in order to beat them.

Brighid is also one of the best tank blades. She excels in the evasion department thanks to her Firewalker and Dance of the Flames abilities. In addition, her War Pyre ability means that for every attack evaded, she stacks 10% increased damage and this can stack all the way up to 250% increased damage. Thanks to this, she never loses aggro, which is ideal considering she’s a tank. She’s awesome.

Did I mentioned her hair buns were on fire?

Poppi QT pi

The Poppi blades are all extremely unique, as you can literally build them in any way you like. She is extremely customisable. You want Poppo to be the ultimate un-killable tank? You can build her that way. Want her to be one of the best damage dealing blades in the game? You can build her that way. Not only this, She can expose any and all elemental weaknesses because you can also build her to possess any elemental affinity that you want! Poppi also has low cooldowns, meaning that even in a tank form, she can still deal reliable damage. 

As I mentioned, she is extremely unique and similarly to Pyra/Mythra you will acquire her fairly early on in the game and she really grows on you. Poppi is just an adorable blade that just so happens to be one of the best in the entire game.


Zenobia is another one of my absolute favourites when it comes to her design and she is an absolute beast when it comes to fighting against some of the super-bosses that the game has to offer. On top of gaining an immediate 15% strength buff just for equipping her, Zenobia’s affinity chart powers and her Ascension blade skill increases damage dealt to enemies that are a higher level by 60-100%. Her battle skills also do similar things buffing her damage against high level enemies, so her damage can go through the roof. This means that super-bosses are a walk in the park for Zenobia. 

The only thing to keep in mind when using Zenobia, is to make sure that your tank character and their blades can maintain aggro despite Zenobia doing the ridiculous amounts of damage that she does. If you aren’t careful, you can find yourself doing too much damage for the boss to ignore you.


For long time fans of the Xenoblade games, you know I had to include KOS-MOS. Similarly to Poppi QT pi, I would consider KOS-MOS as being one of the single best blades in the entire game. A lot of the Ether Cannon type blades are very strong, but my favourite is definitely KOS-MOS. I love her design and personality in game, and my god can she pump out some serious damage. 

KOS-MOS has the ability to completely bypass the enemies defences thanks to her Phase Transition Tech ability. On top of this, it increases her own special damage by 100%. Her Hyperclock ability kicks in when at max affinity, increasing damage by a further 100% while also taking 30% less damage. “Won’t she have similar problems to Zenobia with regards to aggro if she does all this damage?” Nope! Her last ability reduces aggro build-up from her attacks by 40%. KOS-MOS is serious business and she deserves to be.


Newt was a blade that I got early on in my first playthrough and she has since held a special place in my heart. Her design is a little ridiculous, but also extremely cool. Newt is a katana-type tank blade, meaning that even though her role is to take damage, she will still be able to deal some decent damage just for her being a katana-type. Newt also offers an immediate 20% HP boost just for having her equipped, which is a nice addition to her tank role.

Her greatest weapon however, is her Last line of Defence skill which reduces damage from enemies within a 5 meter radius by 40%. Considering she needs to be at close range to do her abilities, Newt will constantly be reducing all incoming damage at all times.

Newt’s only real downside is that Brighid exists. Brighid is another fire-type tank blade who arguably does what Newt does but a bit better. But who cares, I still love Newt as well!


The last blade on my list is the first blade I ever drew, so similarly to Newt, Perun holds a very special place in my heart. Man, I love her design. I’m a sucker for the tanned/dark skinned waifu’s that can kick ass. Yoruichi fans know what’s up.

As much as I love her, Perun is unfortunately quite an unusual blade with some fairly niche uses. Her first skill increases damage done by a whopping 250%, sounds good right? Unfortunately, this only activates if an ally is on 40% HP or lower, or has been downed.

If, like me, you manage to pull Perun early on in the game, you’ll most likely be able to make some great use of her because you’re going to have times when fighting bosses when your health gets low or your allies fall. So when it comes to playing the campaign as opposed to the endgame superbosses, Perun is fantastic! 

Either way, I love her and that’s why she’s on the list!

That wraps it up for my favourite blades from Xenoblade Chronicle 2. Honestly, I wanted to add Dahlia for the design alone being completely absurd, but I decided against it.

Let me know your favourite blades, and if you’re excited for the release of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition!

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