Xuan Yuan Sword 7 arrives on PS4 and Xbox One this Summer

Eastasiasoft announced today that it will be bringing Softstar and Domo Studio’s action RPG Xuan Yuan Sword 7 to Xbox One and PS4 during Summer 2021.

Available on Steam since 2020, this will be the series’ debut on consoles in the west. Xuan Yuan Sword 7 is also the first action RPG in a franchise that usually sticks to turn-based battles.

The console announcement trailer shows off some of the game’s combat, detailing protagonist Taishi Zhao’s journey to protect his family during a time of war and famine.

This release will support English, French, German, Spanish and Russian subtitles, paired with the original Mandarin Chinese audio.

While Xuan Yuan Sword 7 will be available digitally, eastasiasoft also confirmed that Maximum Games will be bringing physical copies to retailers in both Europe and North America.

Eastasiasoft revealed earlier this month that it’s bringing another Softstar release to consoles this Summer, the waifu filled strategy RPG Empire of Angels IV.

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