Yakuza 0 soundtrack vinyl collection now available for pre-order

Sega and Laced Records are teaming up to release Yakuza 0‘s excellent soundtrack on vinyl. Pre-orders for three different collections are now open, including a limited 6LP box set.

On the cheaper end is a £33.00 double LP set featuring 27 tracks from Yakuza 0 on light blue and green vinyls. Full tracklists are available via the site, but all collections contain the absolute banger Friday Night.

Yakuza 0 2 LP set

Moving on to the more premium sets, there are actually two separate versions of the 6 LP collection. The aforementioned limited set is exclusive to the Laced Records website, coming with colour-in-colour vinyls, while the ones in the Deluxe set are a standard black.

Both versions come with a hefty total of 90 tracks, complete with Yakuza 0-themed disc sleeves and slip case. They’re also the same price at £100 — though the limited set will likely sell out quickly.

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