Yakuza 5 Developer Interview Part Two

 Yakuza 5 Developer Interview Part Two

Yakuza 5 came out in 2012 in Japan. The series has always been one of Sega’s among Sega’s most interesting, perhaps because of how steeped in Japanese culture it is. It’s had a bit of a troubled history coming out in the west, and for a while it looked like Yakuza 5 wouldn’t come over here at all. But, due to fan demand, it is coming.



Gio Corsi of SCEA has taken the opportunity to interview General Director Toshihiro Nagoshi and Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama about the making of the game. They’ve just released Part Two, which focuses on “the themes in the game, the inspiration behind character designs, [and] hostess clubs” to name but a few. As with the first video it’s a very interesting watch:



2750853-kazuma_1417773535 Yakuza 5 Developer Interview


Missed part one? Watch it here:


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