Yakuza 6 Safe Guide: Where to Find All Safe Keys & Safes

Yakuza and finding keys go hand in hand, all the way back to the first game. With so many keys, sometimes you don’t know where to look, which is where our Yakuza 6 safe guide comes in, detailing the locations of all the safe keys in the game, as well as the safes they pair with.


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Each key pairs with a specific safe, like the locker key numbers in previous games. For the most part, the safes should be nearby the safe keys, so look around! Some place names may be a little wonky as we transition from our knowledge of the Japanese game to the western localisation!


Yakuza 6 Kamurcho Safe Keys & Safe Locations


All the keys and safes are pretty close to each other here. Otherwise, with how dense the area is, it’d be too complicated. If you have knowledge of the area already, these will be even easier to find. Most of these are locked out until you progress a little bit in the game.


When you need to return back to New Serena the second time, you should have access to everywhere you need to go. It doesn’t take too long for this.


Tenkaichi St. (1)



The Key: The stairway of the mahjong building.


The Safe: Inside, the room next to the mahjong parlour (4F).


The Goodies: Steel Underwear


Tahei Blvd. West (2)



The Key: Entrance of SPUNKY (commercial building entrance), in front of the elevator and next to a traffic cone.


The Safe: Take the elevator to the second floor, and the safe is at the back of an office.


The Goodies: Hungry Belt


Yoshida Batting Centre (3)



The Key: Nearby at the back of the building, in the street with the hotels, hidden on the batting centre’s emergency stairway.


The Safe: Follow the stairway up onto the roof, and you’ll find the safe.


The Goodies: 5 EXP books, one for each stat


Middle Rd. (4)



The Key: In-between Nakamichi St. and Pink St., south of that one ramen restaurant. It’s inside an empty POPPO store (which was open in previous games).



The Safe: Nearby, in the parking lot, right next to the store. Next to a small van.


The Goodies: High-Tech In-Soles


Pink St. (5)



The Key: Behind the multipurpose building signboard near the entrance to the massage bar, tucked away at the back of the room (the building is the one with cat cafe)


The Safe: On the roof of the same multipurpose building rooftop, just follow the stairs up


The Goodies: Rusted Chainmail


Back of the New Serena (6)


The Key: N/A


The Safe: On the rooftop of the New Serena building, requires a passcode. In the Japanese version L84T2B2SHF5E5YI works


The Goodies: Rainbow Wig & 1 Million Yen


Yakuza 6 Hiroshima Safe Keys & Safe Locations


While all the safes are still nearby the keys in Hiroshima, they feel a bit further apart, so are a little trickier. Still, follow our guide, and you should be able to grab them no problem.


After dropping off your “package” and re-fighting the introductory fight of the game, you’re free to explore this area and get all the safes.


Nyuto Centre (1)




The Key: This is actually on top of the covered shopping street, you’re going to need to access it via a ladder — there are two on each side-street of the shopping street. Follow it along and you’ll see it gleaming on the white covered rooftop.


The Safe: Across from the shopping street is the Nyuto Centre. You’ll find the safe through a little walkway beneath the building.


The Goodies: Stamina Belt


Nosaka, Suzuki Household (2)



The Key: The nameplate for the Suzuki household. It’s in the residential district on the North half of the map. If you pass into it via the tunnel, just follow the path up the hill and it’s on the right.


The Safe: At the bottom of the hill you’ll find the safe in a sort of open garage


The Goodies: Blood-Stained Binding


Footbridge Over the Main Road (3)



The Key: Maybe the easiest safe in the game. The key is just at the top of the stairs to the footbridge over the main road.


The Safe: At the bottom of the same stairs, on the south side of the road. There’s an obvious empty garage type space with the safe at the back.


The Goodies: Love Protection Charm


Hanaokodou, the East Map Alleys (4)




The Key: This whole area is right next to the bar where you first drop off your new grandchild. The key is up in a raised garden, so find a ladder in an alley nearby and it’s on a shelf. One ladder that works is directly opposite the safe.


The Safe: This is at ground level, in an area only accessibly by squeezing through a narrow alley, which should make the area easy to spot on the map.


The Goodies: Blood-Stained Loins


Ferry Pier (5)



The Key: This is out on the ferry pier, so it’s pretty easy to find.


The Safe: You can see where this is from the pier. I think it’s a shipping place? As with a lot of the ones in this area, it’s just at the back of some covered area — along the sea-side road.


The Goodies: Chorus Binding (??)


And there you go! You can get all of these super early in the game. There’s a lot less than there were lockers. These can give you a big boost early in the game.

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